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Just like any other software application, yahoo utilizes a series of test cases in verifying functionality of their software application. For instance, to check the functionality of the Yahoo login page, there are a number of possible test cases that can be used: In the first test case, functionality results can be tested upon entering a user ID and password that are valid, in another test case functionality results can be tested upon entering a user ID and password that are invalid, and still, in another test case functionality results can be checked upon entering a valid user ID but an invalid password (Merkow & Raghavan, 2011). This paper outlines a test case in which functionality result is checked using a valid ID and password. The following is the detailed description of this test case:

Title: Yahoo Login Page: Successful Authentication on yahoo.com

Test case id: Yln_2

Test priority: Medium

Module Name: Login Screen (yahoo)


The test case is for testing the functionality of the yahoo login page where a user that is registered should be able to login at yahoo successfully. 


The end user ought to have both the username ID and password valid, meaning that they must be already registered with a valid email address and a password. 

Post Conditions

Validation of the user as per the database and successfully login into the yahoo page. 

There are a number of steps that should be followed to test the functionality of the yahoo login page using a valid ID and password for a registered user (Merkow & Raghavan, 2011).  . Firstly, one should go to yahoo.com. Secondly, the correct email of the registered user should be filled in the field named ‘email’. Thirdly, the correct password of the user should be entered in the filled named ‘password’. Lastly, the ‘Sign In’ icon should be clicked (Merkow & Raghavan, 2011). 

Test Case Expected Result

If correct details, login ID and password, are entered it is expected that the login will be successful, and the yahoo page will load and be displayed containing information icon links (Merkow & Raghavan, 2011).  

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This software application therefore, as depicted by the test case above, provides high quality on Human Computer Interface Usability. This is as so because it is easy to use, it is responsive to mobile and tablet screen, the link on the page remain active every time it as assessed, and a link that directs new users to a page for registering is available (Weinberg, 2011). Additionally, due to its simplicity new users can be able to accomplish basic tasks easily and they can perform the tasks efficiently after they have learnt how to use it (Weinberg, 2011). Users can also re-establish proficiency easily in case they visit the page after a period of time. This application also provides high quality in reliability security conformance to specifications due to various reasons. Firstly, there is a minimum password length required, it is impossible to copy and paste the password, cookies are allowed and cannot be edited, in the field to enter password the text box offers character masking with the masked characters not allowing decoding of the copied characters (Weinberg, 2011) . 

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