The great climate experiment


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Section 1

I chose the essay The Great Climate Experimentby Caldeira because it focuses on environmental problems such as global warming, which is one of the leading environmental concerns. Caldeira is a climate scientist at Stanford University. The article uses specialized weather terminologies that can be understood by scholars and professionals in the same field. The essay is not peer reviewed because it is based only on the ideas presented by the author. The author does not make any references to other articles or research that have been done by professionals in the same field. The article also lacks an abstract which is usually present in a peer reviewed article. Caldeira claims that the Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere causes greenhouse effect (Caldeira 83). The author proves his claim by using mathematical and climate systems that have been used to develop accurate predictions in the past. Further, Caldeira uses warrant by showing the connection of how the weather patterns in the past have contributed to the current environmental state of the earth. The author backs up his arguments by stating scientific facts. Caldeira also includes some rebuttals to show opposing views of other authors to make his argument more valid.

Section 2

I have used the Toulmin model of argumentation in thepast writing assignments, and I plan to use it again in my future essays. Toulmin style of argument is useful in indicating the focus of an essay and the supporting facts, which give the reader a better understanding of the content. Therefore, the use of Toulmin style will enable me to show the connection between the claims I make in my arguments and the facts I present.Besides, Toulmin style ensures that both sides of an argument are given, which will ensure that the arguments I present are valid.

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  1. Caldeira, Ken. “The Great Climate Experiment. How far can we push the planet?” Scientific American 307.3 (2012): 78-83.
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