The use of the autonomous learner model in Loudon county High School


The county high school is normally ranked fits across the Virginia Loudoun County School opened in 195 and it has served while remaining steadfast in the provision of high-quality education. The high school has the capability of holding 170 students. Primarily the students normally attend classrooms where they are on their home campus, but the opportunities of taking specialized courses and alternative schools. The raider, mascot of the school built to honor Mosby’s raiders. The original school showed raider on horseback battling with the Confederate battle flag. The logo changed in 1980 to the existing design in the face the segregation and racism that has exhibited in the United States for many centuries in the United States. The school is understood as a battlefield to fight white supremacy in the United States during civil war and civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s. That said, this paper will examine the use of autonomous leaner model as it is applied in Laudum County High school.

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The autonomy occurs when a learner is ready and capable to take the root of their own learning. The leaner is supposed to be able to determine objectives; defining the progressions and contents; selecting techniques and methods that should be used, evaluating what was acquired and monitoring acquisition procedure. Autonomy is simply the cacti for the critical reflection, detachment, independent action and decision making; it entails and presupposes psychological relation to the content and process of learning. The main point with the autonomous; learning is that the degree of teacher control is clear and there is less teacher-led guidance in the school (Heacox & Cash, 2013). The teacher at the school tries to promote the leaner’s autonomy by raising awareness about their weaknesses and strengths. It will help their objectives, goals, the resources, and language to improve their competencies of their language. When the students are given space to decide which kind of homework they prefer the one that suits them most, and they become extremely happy about the move.

The teachers will always try to raise awareness concerning the process of learning, strategies of learning, and give them a chance to reflect on constraints and chances of the learning environment and provide them with support when necessary. In short, provision of the scaffolding at various levels, both for learning competencies, language competencies and effective and social aspects of the process of learning(Shavinina, 2009).. The students are supposed to choose topics that suit their projects and determine their involvement level, students who miss classes may complete rewarded activities online, self-evaluation or self-reflection is a critical part of most activities, it is imploring frequent compared to formative feedback poor peer review from course team.

The courses taught have, diverse ensuring activities portfolio from which the students chose such activities which suit them, the student may also propose their assignments that are important in the portfolio and others learner’s autonomy has been growing in teaching. Autonomous learning is beneficial for teacher, economy and leaner. With autonomy, the learners can easily become aware of their learning styles define their needs, goals, learn the language, chose her materials, and others (Shavinina, 2009). Autonomous learning benefits the language learning and schools and for all aspects of their lives since, to become autonomous, a learner should have an opportunity to learn how to learn. Learners need to be encouraged to start being autonomous and the autonomy will be promoted through every education period—a revolutionary period that is going to be reasonable and respect with regards to different social issues. .

Undeniably, the united states operate on an old principle with roots in the 80s and 90s that held that schools will be safer and efficient if we start being zero tolerance for drug abuse, violence, among other misbehaviors that increase suspensions. In the year 2010, almost a tenth of public school teachers have been suspended, and the suspension is high for black Americans students who are suspended 3 times more than white students. Such trends in the locality reveal that there a social problem which has not been addressed and the best way of dealing with this is by teaching the ids the truth about tribe and the need for him or her to think like an autonomous being before hating others based on community.

In the school the teacher serves as a supplier of the resources for learners, not always the primary information source. The teacher will engage the learners in experience which challenges that is prior existing knowledge conceptions to make sure that they are on track and that they can coniine without any difficulties. The teacher shall use responses of the students to plan next lessons and seeks to elaborate the detailed responses of the students.. The teacher in the classes will encourage disunion and open questions among the students by posing open-ended questions. The students are assisted to understand their cognitive processes by using the cognitive terminology like analysis, classify, organdie, create hierarchy and others when framing different tasks. Such a move will help the students to start thinking critically about the tasks provided in the available assignments they have to choose from. The teachers are willing to lose control of h classroom for purposes of promoting autonomy.

Promoting empathy in children in students requires reciprocal relationships and tolerance with people from diverse grounds. Teachers should be creative since young people will normalize what they view or experience regularly in the spoicatey full of hate and prejudices agnsist othe rmemebrs of the coimmuncities. In case the chidden just receive insight knowledge and comfort from the people, such can have long-lasting memories about the prejudices that exist amongst groups of the population. The school has a good chance of inviting many experts to lack to students about the politics, food, and others, such will be a good chance for the students to interact with them asking crucial questions and in the process enhancing their ability to become autonomous being.

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Because the school experienced racial segregation at heightened levels, there is dire need of promoting democracy by teaching the kids about the need to be autonomous and tolerant towards other culture and views since no one has a right to go be around imposing his thoughts and views on uninterested parties. If a student can use education to teach about the need of living together with other people as one family, he or she automatically promotes democracy in the country, not on the education standards. An autonomous student will want to understand seek knowledge about why there should be hatred and racial segregation and what efforts should be put place to avoid slave like life cropping up in the young children. The school is a good place to teach the kids to start being autonomous and responsible for their actions which in turn will promote the possibility of living together as members of one family: human race family.

Different from the traditional learning and teaching context, the web-based learning can expose the pupils to different language information. The colorful, limitless, and multifaceted information on the internet and the program of the computer will help in attracting their attention. The multimedia, the internet had hypermedia enriches putt information and to a huge extent, enhancing curiosity, motivation and interesting learning. The teacher will help the learners to choose the correct information on the online platforms so that they may develop autonomous language which help them attend to different issues comfortably and maturely.

All in all, the autonomous learner model is desirable since it need substantial material resource in implementation of resources. Such reveals that the theoretical model might work well in wealthy school because poor schools will experience challenges to implement model which needs substantial resources. However, schools can start being creative by using straggles (like the ones named in this paper) to ensure that the children being taught value critical thinking and they are ready to engage their minds in any critical decision making in the society.

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