Uncovering the Link: ‘Fix’ and Watson TV Commercials Show How Technology Enhances Healthcare

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There is a connection between ‘Fix’ and Watson TV Commercial. This connection is that both ‘Fix’ and Watson Commercial shows the importance of technology n healthcare. It is evident that for doctors to be able to access information concerning diseases, there should be a database with all the necessary information concerning healthcare procedures. In order for doctors to prescribe medication, there’s need for accurate and timely information access to give procedures for the cure of various diseases. This is provided with technological advancement in the healthcare sector. During examination of patients, screening for diseases has proved to be reliable and accurate with the use of modern technology. Thus, time is saved when accessing healthcare services.

I agree with the author view of doctors of the future in the sense that technology is very important in healthcare (Belloc). In this case, the introduction and incorporation of technology in medicine have saved lives thus enhancing the quality of services offered at health care center. It is not relying much on technology since new innovations in technology have led to positive impacts in medicine.

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Doctors need to be trained in order integrate technology in their day to day activities in the healthcare provision. With the changing technology, physicians need to be trained to be able to have the technical know-how of the equipment in the medical sector. Technology in medicine will impact tremendously on healthcare services.  In surgeries, medical equipment will reduce the incisions into the body thereby leaving the patient with minimal scars to nurse leading to the quick recovery of patients (Blumenthal 584). Advance technology will affect robotic surgery where surgeons will operate patients in different locations. They do not have to be in the same room.travel preparations for the patients will be reduced or minimized. This calls for training of surgeons to be able to deliver and handle such equipment. A medical researcher needs training on the use of efficient tests machines. Conducting tests on a cure for diseases require excellent technical support in order to be able to analyze diseases and seek for the cure .integration of innovative technology in medical research will give hope for the cure of chronic diseases such as Ebola, HIV/AIDs, and cancer.

Information technology will give doctors the required information with the press of a button. Doctors should be trained on how to access information on updates of medical reports as well as carry out meeting with their patients by teleconferencing (Hardoff and Schonmann 206-210). This will improve on doctor-patient relationship as well as enable them to disseminate vital information to their patients’ easily. Findings from medical research from different institutions can easily be exchanged without the need to travel or to hold seminars. Information can be disseminated to a platform where the doctors can access.

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My experience is that some clinical does not make use of technology. Every time you approach them, you have to give your profile even if you have been there several times. The physicians are faster to provide medications rather than establish the cause of the illness and its development (Issel 191). This is not related to any of Fix readings which provide the importance of information technology in analysis and diagnosis of diseases. Doctors need o create patients profile to enable examinations and diagnosis of diseases. 

With the profiles, they can diagnosis disease as well as provide necessary information to the patient. There is the need for healthcare facilities to be connected with other health so that they can access information that is important for treatment of patients.

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