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Updated: May 19, 2023

Students find it much easier when they are given a clear task to write on regarding a certain topic because many are not fond of wrecking their brains to search for exciting and crucial health topics. However, many health questions can be open-ended, and you may be needed to look for an interesting topic for your essay. As much as the free choice path gives you the privilege of writing on anything you want, you need to be careful because this path is a slippery one also. You need to put together all your writing inspiration to settle on a particular aspect that will enable you to submit a fantastic essay.

Begin by thinking and evaluating the most popular essay topics currently. What serious health issues do people face on a daily basis? What health discussions keep coming again and again on the radio or TV?

Great Ideas to Help You How to Select the Best Health Essay Topic

Below is a list of topic ideas that can inspire you when writing your health essay:

  1. How can children attain a healthy body weight?
  2. Long-term causes of anorexia
  3. Principles to be undertaken to prevent miss-diagnosis in hospitals
  4. The role of doctors in promoting a healthy lifestyle
  5. The side-effects of blood transfusion
  6. Western medicine versus alternative medicine
  7. Eating disorders and its Health effects
  8. How stem cell technologies are used to treat cancer
  9. Ethical and social problems associated with cosmetic surgery
  10. The causes of obesity
  11. The health effects of caffeine
  12. Why euthanasia should be legalized
  13. The dangers of alternative medicine
  14. The role of sports in promoting health lifestyles
  15. What are the measures for preventing communicable diseases?
  16. The causes of mental disorders
  17. How does the misuse of drugs lead to mental disorders?
  18. How to treat teen depression
  19. The connection between exercise and mood
  20. The role of exercise in promoting the right mental health
  21. The advantages of e-health technology
  22. How big data is used in the medical care system
  23. The possibility of countries achieving health equity
  24. The consequences of racism on a nation’s well-being
  25. Measures to be taken to prevent rising suicide rates
  26. Can people live forever?
  27. Teen pregnancy and its prevention
  28. The importance of sports to teenagers
  29. The connection between healthy living and happiness
  30. Health challenges that teenagers face

Controversial Issues That Top the List of Health Essay Topics

There are a variety of controversial subjects touching on human health that can be debated upon;

  • Euthanasia

This is where a person’s life is deliberately ended to relieve them of suffering. But the question remains, is death really a relief to someone suffering from a fatal disease? This continues to be a matter of debate globally, with people raising different opinions.

This topic is so wide, and students can get the opportunity to write and examine different obsessions, addictions, and phobias. You can choose one aspect of a particular issue that you are interested in, and then you research deeper on it.

  • Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the major causes of high-speed lifestyle. As a result of stress and poor eating habits, a lot of people globally experience sleep problems. Many people, therefore, find solace in surfing the internet, watching movies and deep thinking.

10 Most-Talked-About Mental Health Essay Topics

  1. What role does social media play in mental health?
  2. Do edited images affect young girls?
  3. What is the effect of the AIDS virus on the LGBTQ community?
  4. How does peer pressure affect adolescents? Can there be positive effects to peer pressure?
  5. During the Covid-19 pandemic, what were the leading causes of declining mental health?
  6. Discuss suicide rate and weather, is there a pattern?
  7. How does a child’s upbringing affect their mental health?
  8. Does medication help to balance out emotions?
  9. How should anxiety be treated? Are current methods enough?
  10. How are gender discussions affecting young children today?

Public Health Essay Topics

  1. The Impact of Vaccination Programs on Public Health
  2. Addressing Health Disparities in Underserved Communities
  3. The Role of Public Health Campaigns in Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
  4. The Influence of Social Determinants of Health on Population Health Outcomes
  5. The Effects of Environmental Factors on Public Health
  6. Exploring the Relationship Between Mental Health and Overall Well-being
  7. Public Health Strategies for Preventing and Managing Chronic Diseases
  8. The Importance of Health Education in Improving Public Health
  9. Analyzing the Role of Technology in Enhancing Healthcare Delivery and Public Health Surveillance
  10. The Ethics and Challenges of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response.

Health Care Essay Topics

  1. The Impact of Healthcare Policy on Access to Care
  2. Addressing Healthcare Disparities Among Different Socioeconomic Groups
  3. The Role of Technology in Transforming Healthcare Delivery
  4. Examining the Effectiveness of Telemedicine in Improving Patient Outcomes
  5. The Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing Electronic Health Records
  6. Analyzing the Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare Decision Making
  7. The Role of Interprofessional Collaboration in Enhancing Patient Care
  8. Exploring the Benefits and Drawbacks of Universal Healthcare Systems
  9. The Importance of Patient-Centered Care in Achieving Better Health Outcomes
  10. Evaluating the Impact of Healthcare Financing and Insurance Models on Affordability and Quality of Care.

Mental Health Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness: Breaking Down Barriers and Promoting Understanding
  2. The Role of Early Intervention in Preventing and Treating Mental Health Disorders
  3. Exploring the Connection Between Mental Health and Physical Well-being
  4. The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health: Examining the Pros and Cons
  5. Addressing Mental Health in Schools: Strategies for Supporting Student Well-being
  6. The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy versus Medication in Treating Mental Health Disorders
  7. The Influence of Environmental Factors on Mental Health: Nature vs. Nurture Debate
  8. The Role of Cultural Factors in Shaping Mental Health Beliefs and Practices
  9. Mental Health in the Workplace: Promoting Employee Well-being and Productivity
  10. The Need for Comprehensive Mental Health Education and Awareness Programs in Society.

Urban Health Essay Topics

  1. The Impact of Urbanization on Public Health: Challenges and Opportunities
  2. Addressing Health Disparities in Urban Communities: Strategies for Achieving Health Equity
  3. Exploring the Relationship Between Urban Design and Health Outcomes
  4. The Role of Green Spaces in Promoting Physical and Mental Health in Urban Environments
  5. Urbanization and the Rise of Non-Communicable Diseases: Examining the Link
  6. The Effects of Air Pollution on Urban Health: Mitigation and Policy Solutions
  7. Access to Healthcare Services in Urban Areas: Barriers and Innovative Approaches
  8. The Influence of Built Environment on Physical Activity Levels in Urban Settings
  9. Urban Food Systems and Nutrition: Examining the Implications for Public Health
  10. The Role of Community Engagement in Improving Urban Health Outcomes.

Health Policy Essay Topics

  1. The Affordable Care Act: Assessing its Impact on Access and Affordability of Healthcare
  2. The Role of Health Policy in Addressing Health Disparities among Different Populations
  3. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Medicaid Expansion in Improving Healthcare Access and Outcomes
  4. The Ethics of Mandatory Vaccination Policies: Balancing Individual Rights and Public Health
  5. The Implications of Health Information Privacy Laws on Data Sharing and Research
  6. Examining the Role of Health Policy in Controlling Prescription Drug Costs
  7. The Impact of Health Insurance Marketplaces on the Uninsured Rate and Healthcare Affordability
  8. Analyzing the Strategies for Improving Mental Health Policy and Services
  9. The Role of Health Policy in Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Prevention, Treatment, and Harm Reduction
  10. The Influence of Health Policy on End-of-Life Care and Advance Care Planning.

Popular List of Health Essay Questions Currently

Before you start your assignment, you can look at the list of discussion questions below;

  1. How is gaming affecting children’s mental health today?
  2. Is it possible for computers to replace doctors?
  3. How can teen pregnancy be prevented?
  4. What are the major health issues that teenagers face?
  5. Why should teenagers engage in sports?
  6. How can obesity be prevented?
  7. Does a cure exist for HIV or AIDS?
  8. Can cloning be used to save lives?
  9. Can vaccines be used for adults?
  10. What causes teenagers to experiment on drugs?

Interesting Health Essay Ideas You Can Address in Your Essay

Following are ideas that can help you out when writing a health essay;

  • Anorexia: This is a popularly known health disorder that intensely restricts eating. You can write on the effects of this disorder on a person’s physical health as well as the methods which have proven successful in dealing with the illness.
  • Obesity: This is a fast-expanding phenomenon in the current society as far as eating disorder is concerned. It creates a loophole for more serious diseases that are difficult to cure. When writing an essay on obesity, you can discuss the negative effects of obesity on human behavior.
  • Paid and free healthcare: Healthcare cost is one of the most important issues that people face currently. Both free and paid treatment have their own pitfalls. Many people question and doubt the quality of services provided by free healthcare. Some other people still prefer splashing money on healthcare just to guarantee excellent healthcare services.
  • How technology has democratized healthcare: In the current age, healthcare has advanced to the extent of being supported by mobile phones. Many healthcare startups have embraced the use of technology to carry out a variety of healthcare activities. with the assistance of medical specialists, patients nowadays can receive medical attention starting from home without having to spend long hours in the waiting room.
  • Heart attack in women: Heart attack is probably the number one killer of women. The symptoms in women are different from those in men.

Is the deadline for your health essay approaching fast and you are confused about which topic you can write on? You do not have to worry! Just rely on our essay writers, and we will guide you step by step to delivering a fantastic health essay.

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