50+ Illustration Essay Topics

Updated: May 17, 2023

The process of choosing a great illustration essay topic requires a lot more than writing skills. The writer needs to analyze a few facts, narrow them down, and then make a decision of what topic will be suitable for a particular essay.

What are some of the Tips on How to Select the Best Illustration Essay Topic?

A few of the most useful tips for writers to consider when choosing appropriate topics for the illustration essays include:

The Personal Interests of the Writer

This implies that the writer should choose only topics that appeal to their interests. A great essay topic makes the writer enthusiastic to write about. The writer should make the topic about something that they are genuinely passionate about or an issue that affects them personally. Choosing a topic that one is passionate about helps them to gain more motivation for writing the essay.

The simplicity of the Topic

Writers should make sure that the topic they choose does not cause them difficulty in researching on and writing about. Students are usually drawn to topics that are complicated as they try to impress the tutors. As a result, they end up writing horrible essays which undermine the impeccable skills of the writer.

Uniqueness and Originality

When choosing an illustration essay topic, students should make sure they go for topics that are not common and generic. A unique and non-generic essay topic grabs the audience’s and tutor’s attention and thus earning the writer a better grade.

Information Availability on that Topic

When writing an illustration essay students are required to dig deep into the examples and descriptions relevant to that topic. This means that prior to starting the actual writing process, the students need to acquire enough information and facts. Therefore, it is much easier to choose topics that they are conversant in and easy to gather information on.

Conformity to Essay Writing Guidelines

The topic of the essay should never fail to conform to the general guidelines of writing academic papers. Writers should keep the topic manageable by making sure that it’s not too narrow or too wide to write on.

An Exemplary List of Illustration Essay Topics

Some examples of well-chosen essay topics on illustration include:

  • Write an essay about challenges that a new sports team might face on their first day
  • Write an essay on ways in which college students can save their money while in school
  • Describe the best ways for preparing for a rugby game
  • Write an essay describing the significance of teamwork in sports
  • Write a paper describing how humans have impacted and continue to impact the environment
  • Describe how trafficking of drugs can be eradicated in schools
  • In a well-written essay explain why cloning needs to be banned
  • Write a paper on the growing popularity of fast food around the globe
  • Illustrate the challenges faced by states with laws legalizing the use of marijuana
  • In an essay, describe the positive and negative effects of the use of marijuana
  • Describe the importance of having a great breakfast everyday
  • Give a description of how someone can choose and commit to a religion
  • Give a description of how the environment someone grows up in impacts them as an individual
  • Write an essay describing the source of the fear of death in people
  • In an essay, describe the effects of slavery in the present-day society
  • Describe the reasons that make athletes engage in doping and how to stop it
  • In a coherent paper, discuss why America has a very high rate of divorce
  • Write a paper describing all the reasons that make people to get married
  • Describe the most effective way to stay motivated while studying
  • Discuss the psychology of criminals
  • Write a comprehensive illustration essay that discusses why life after death does not exist
  • Illustrate how scientists conduct studies and describe every single step elaborately
  • Give a complete description of how college applicants should develop a great resume for their applications
  • Give a description of the significance of a college emblem
  • Describe comprehensively the experience of students on a work-study program
  • Write a proper description of the work done by non-governmental organizations
  • Give a complete description of the most effective way to sell something to prospective customers
  • Write a comprehensive illustration essay discussing the significance of involving children in sports
  • Discuss the reasons why people develop addictions
  • Give an illustration discussing the scientific evidence behind tearing up when one is overjoyed.

The above-mentioned list of impeccable essay topics should guide students in choosing their own topics.

College Level Illustration Essay Topics: 10 Exciting Suggestions

  • Are smartphones causing the human mind to devolve?
  • Analyze the cost of higher education and argue whether it’s worth it or not.
  • How have humans affected the planet?
  • Compare crime in low-income neighborhoods with high-income neighborhoods.
  • What are the effects of bullying in childhood in adulthood?
  • How has the fast-food industry changed the way people live?
  • What are vital reasons why cloning should not be allowed?
  • Should parents be able to modify their unborn children genetically?
  • How does immigration affect the economy?
  • Racism in America: Is it still an issue?

Easy Illustration Essay Topics

  • The benefits of regular exercise for overall health and well-being.
  • The process of making a delicious homemade pizza from scratch.
  • Illustrating the steps to create a beautiful floral arrangement.
  • The impact of technology on daily communication and social interactions.
  • Illustrating the benefits of practicing mindfulness and its effects on istress reducton.
  • Exploring the steps to set up a personal budget for effective financial management.
  • The process of preparing a healthy and balanced breakfast to start the day.
  • Illustrating the steps to create a simple DIY home organization system.
  • Exploring the benefits of reading for personal growth and development.
  • The process of learning a new language and the benefits of bilingualism.

20 More Good Topics for Illustration Essay

  • The benefits of art therapy in promoting mental health.
  • Illustrating the impact of social media on self-esteem and body image.
  • The role of illustrations in children’s literature and their influence on early literacy.
  • Illustrating the importance of visual communication in advertising and marketing.
  • Exploring the evolution of illustration styles throughout history.
  • Illustrating the process of creating a digital illustration from start to finish.
  • The role of illustrations in enhancing understanding and engagement in educational materials.
  • Illustrating the cultural significance of traditional art forms in different societies.
  • Exploring the use of illustrations in political cartoons to convey social and political commentary.
  • Illustrating the role of illustrations in scientific publications and their impact on understanding complex concepts.
  • The influence of illustration in shaping public opinion and raising awareness about social issues.
  • Illustrating the power of visual storytelling in graphic novels and comic books.
  • Exploring the role of illustrations in architectural design and urban planning.
  • Illustrating the impact of illustrations in creating memorable brand identities and logos.
  • The role of illustrations in enhancing user experience and interface design in digital products.
  • Illustrating the use of illustrations in fashion and textile design.
  • Exploring the influence of illustrations in creating immersive and engaging video games.
  • Illustrating the importance of illustrations in medical and scientific illustrations.
  • The role of illustrations in preserving and promoting cultural heritage and traditions.
  • Exploring the use of illustrations in creating visually appealing and informative infographics.

Great Examples of Illustration Essay Questions

  • Why is smoking a horrible habit?
  • Should the use of marijuana be made legal?
  • Are video games too graphic?
  • Do you think government-backed institutions stop research in stem cells?
  • Do you think that the practice of cloning should be banned completely?
  • Should college students choose courses that align with their passion and interests or ones that fetch them better-paying jobs?
  • What are some of the challenges faced by teachers presently?
  • What punishment should bullies be subjected to?
  • How can society support children who are victims of bullying?
  • Should non-profit organizations be answerable to a government-instituted oversight authority?

With this list, students shouldn’t have difficulties with , choosing appropriate topics for their essays.

Examples of Great Illustration Essay Ideas

  • Customers are never wrong. Discuss this mantra
  • The use of social media and its impacts on society
  • The routine of a working clinical superintendent
  • Write a complete description of an accountant’s work
  • Give a description of a particular scientific advancement and its ethicality.

This is a list of a few impeccably chosen essay topics that should guide students in choosing the best essay topics for their essays. That being said, the process of selecting appropriate essay topics is not as complicated as most students think it is. With adequate information on the subject, students should never struggle to choose great topics for their essays. In case students are still facing difficulties they can always count on professional writers on our service to help them. All the students need to make an order and wait to have their work completed by our professional paper writers.

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