Informative Speech Topics

Updated: June 23, 2023

What is an Informative Speech?

One of the definitions that many students would give to public speaking is stomach rumbling. It is also a task that requires a person to present the opinion on certain matters. In most cases, the idea given is a pressing problem of society related to the sphere of business, education, law, etc.

It is not enough to present the point. The speaker needs to brainwash the minds of the audience and make them analyze the idea again. Potentially, the opinion of the audience can be changed since the speech gave a push to thinking.

The speech as any piece of text should have a structure and be logically delivered to make the needed effect on the audience.

Tips on How to Select Informative Speech Topics

Selecting a topic requires thorough research on these aspects. First of all, find out who the target audience is to know the type of speech to pick, and the language register to use.

Secondly, select the field you feel comfortable with. Expect questions, so be sure to conduct research on the issue.

30 Informative Speech Topics for College

It is always a good idea to practice speaking skills. If you are thinking of where to start, have a look at these informative speech topics.

  • Pros and cons of producing goods with GMO.
  • The future of the rainforest. Past, present, and forecasts.
  • Name 5 most effective ways of protecting nature.
  • What is global warming about and what measures can be taken to stop it?
  • Leadership and emotional intelligence.
  • The most successful business strategies of our century.
  • Causes of lies and their consequences.
  • Climate change and natural disasters in Australia.
  • Pros and cons of gun laws.
  • Socialism and its relevancy in modern society.
  • Dictatorship: pros and cons of the political regime.
  • Healthcare system analysis. Does it suit the needs of the population?
  • Coffee market growth, development, and profitability.
  • Is English a lingua franca still?
  • Wars and their influence on the third world countries.
  • The miracle of four Asian Tigers.
  • What salary does the President deserve?
  • Countries with the highest quality of life.
  • The evolution of poetry.
  • 5 successful marketing stories.
  • International food chains.
  • 5 best movies of our century.
  • Smuggling and its forms.
  • Military invasions of the 21st century.
  • Immigration laws in the United States and India.
  • Marriage-related stigma in different parts of the world.
  • Higher education accessibility.
  • Unemployment and immigration.
  • 5 famous financial affairs.
  • Perception of Christianity in different parts of the world.

Informative Speech Topics for High School

  • The history and impact of social media on society
  • The science of climate change and its effects on the environment
  • The benefits of practicing mindfulness and stress reduction techniques
  • The importance of mental health awareness and destigmatization
  • The dangers of substance abuse and addiction
  • The significance of financial literacy and responsible money management
  • The impact of technology on interpersonal relationships
  • The history and cultural significance of a specific art form (e.g., music, dance, painting)
  • The benefits of volunteering and community service
  • The science behind healthy eating and the importance of nutrition
  • The dangers of cyberbullying and strategies for prevention
  • The history and impact of the civil rights movement
  • The importance of time management skills for academic success
  • The role of media literacy in evaluating information and combating misinformation
  • The benefits of physical activity and regular exercise for overall well-being
  • The science of sleep and its impact on academic performance
  • The dangers of distracted driving and the importance of responsible behavior on the road
  • The significance of environmental conservation and sustainability
  • The impact of social media on self-esteem and body image
  • The history and cultural impact of a specific literary work or author

30 Public Speaking Informative Speech Topics

  • Extinct species of animals.
  • Importance of protecting the natural habitat of polar bears.
  • Urbanization and animal life.
  • Advertising and business success.
  • Is being 15 years old enough to start driving?
  • Inclusive education in third world countries.
  • Urbanization in the United States.
  • The efficiency of poverty eradication measures in modern society.
  • Cybercrime control.
  • Types of learners.
  • Types of educational institutions and their purposes.
  • Online education is a new normal.
  • Higher educational establishments: expectations and reality.
  • Is higher education affordable?
  • Should gifted children be granted privileges when selecting their educational establishments?
  • Does the financial status of a person define a social one?
  • Pop culture and its influence on the teenage population.
  • Are the professor’s salaries enough?
  • What does it take to be a good teacher?
  • Does higher education have any value in our times?
  • What constitutes good-quality research?
  • Who should control the use of natural resources?
  • Is democracy a good form of government?
  • Capitalism and ecology: where is the balance?
  • Should people care about extinct species of animals?
  • Cleaning the Pacific Ocean.
  • Influence of divorce on the child.
  • Modern family values.
  • Credit card: magic wound or vortex of debt.
  • International military organizations and their purpose.

30 Easy Informative Speech Topics

  • European Union and the United States: friends of foes?
  • International Trading Organizations and their benefits for the developed countries.
  • Undiscovered Asia: customs and traditions foreign to Western cultures.
  • Is marriage still a relevant concept in the Western World?
  • Is it possible to stay healthy without doing sports?
  • Keto Diet, intermittent fasting, and their influence on the body.
  • Is keeping a snake as a pet a good idea or torture for an animal?
  • Journalism and dictatorship.
  • Fashion trends of our century.
  • Popular social media influencers.
  • Politics and social media.
  • The state of medicine in the country.
  • Animal rights and beauty product testing.
  • The dangers of online dating.
  • 5 Best actors of the last two decades.
  • A life-changing movie.
  • Plastic surgeries promotion on television.
  • Self-awareness and social media.
  • Influence of television on the teenage population.
  • Is there a way to motivate everyone to work out?
  • Persuasion and television.
  • Does a healthy diet influence longevity?
  • The causes of obesity.
  • What helps to fight alcoholism?
  • What is the American Dream concept about?
  • 2 historical personalities that changed the course of history
  • The politicians I admire.
  • The most notorious crimes in the world.
  • What is the role of newspapers in the everyday life of the elderly population?
  • Female inventors.

30 Interesting Informative Speech Topics

When you think of a speech, you probably imagine a politician on the summit of G4 countries, presenting his annual report. A lot of numbers and sophisticated words would comprise a text like that. However, it does not have to be that daunting. A lot of fun informative speech topics exist.

  • Evolution of Makeup.
  • Evolution of vehicles.
  • Is it a crime to hold animals in captivity?
  • Pandas deserve protection.
  • My favorite music genre.
  • Evolution of values and standards of teenagers.
  • How does human activity influence the planet?
  • Tech genius of our century.
  • Advantages of Tesla cars.
  • My icon of female beauty.
  • Evolutions of female and male beauty standards.
  • Perception of punctuality in different countries.
  • Virtual reality.
  • Depression and its perception by modern society.
  • Is Facebook stealing your real life?
  • CBD supporters and their arguments.
  • Should we legalize marijuana?
  • Moral aspects of euthanasia.
  • What are the effective means of fighting terrorism?
  • What are the causes of natural disasters in the past?
  • Abuse control on the Internet: Who is in charge?
  • Digitalization: pros and cons.
  • Functions and efficiency of the United Nations as an international organization.
  • Is wearing a uniform at school violates the right of personal choice?
  • The phenomenon of love.
  • Is charity an effective way of fighting poverty?
  • Does technology kill creativity?
  • Is it vital to have long-term goals in life?
  • Perception of tattoos in our society.
  • Smuggling in the United States.
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30 Fun Topics for Informative Speech

  • The history and evolution of memes
  • Unusual sports from around the world
  • The science of chocolate and its health benefits
  • The art of storytelling: How to captivate an audience
  • The secret world of professional gaming and esports
  • Strange phobias you’ve never heard of
  • The psychology of laughter: Why we find certain things funny
  • The fascinating world of conspiracy theories
  • The impact of social media on society
  • The science behind dreams and their meanings
  • The history of magic: From ancient rituals to modern-day illusions
  • The art of improvisation: Thinking on your feet
  • Unconventional career paths that lead to success
  • The history of board games and their enduring popularity
  • The psychology of color and its influence on our emotions
  • The world’s most bizarre food delicacies
  • The hidden messages in famous works of art and literature
  • The power of positive thinking: How optimism can improve your life
  • The science behind superpowers: What’s real and what’s fiction?
  • The art of effective communication: Tips for being a great conversationalist
  • The weird and wonderful world of virtual reality
  • The history and significance of tattoos in different cultures
  • The science of happiness: Understanding the factors that contribute to well-being
  • Exploring the mysteries of the deep sea and its unique creatures
  • The history and cultural impact of fashion trends
  • The science of sleep and its importance for overall health
  • The surprising benefits of practicing mindfulness and meditation
  • The art of creative problem-solving: Thinking outside the box
  • The history and cultural significance of dance styles around the world
  • The strange and fascinating habits of famous inventors and artists

10 Informative Speech Topics on Sports

  • The history and evolution of the Olympic Games
  • The science behind sports performance and athletic training
  • The benefits of regular physical activity and participation in sports
  • The psychology of sports and its impact on performance
  • The history and cultural significance of a specific sport (e.g., soccer, basketball, cricket)
  • The impact of sports on personal development and character building
  • The role of nutrition in sports performance and recovery
  • The dangers of concussions in contact sports and the importance of player safety
  • The rise of esports and its emergence as a competitive sport
  • The impact of sports in promoting gender equality and empowerment.

10 Informative Speech Topics About Music

  • The history and evolution of a specific genre of music (e.g., jazz, rock, hip-hop)
  • The impact of music on emotions and mood regulation
  • The influence of technology on the production and consumption of music
  • The significance of music in different cultures and its role in shaping identity
  • The science behind music therapy and its therapeutic benefits
  • The role of music in enhancing cognitive abilities and academic performance
  • The evolution of music streaming platforms and their impact on the music industry
  • The history and cultural impact of a specific musical instrument
  • The importance of music education and its effects on brain development in children
  • The social and political messages conveyed through music throughout history

10 Informative Speech Topics on Health

  • The impact of stress on physical and mental health
  • The benefits of regular exercise for overall health and well-being
  • The importance of a balanced diet and proper nutrition
  • The dangers of smoking and the benefits of quitting
  • The role of sleep in maintaining good health and productivity
  • The science of mental health and strategies for maintaining emotional well-being
  • The effects of prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyles on health
  • The importance of preventive care and regular health check-ups
  • The dangers of excessive sugar consumption and its impact on health
  • The significance of maintaining good oral hygiene for overall health

10 Mental Health Informative Speech Topics

  • Understanding and reducing stigma surrounding mental health
  • The impact of stress on mental health and effective stress management techniques
  • Exploring different types of mental illnesses and their symptoms
  • The importance of self-care and prioritizing mental well-being
  • Identifying warning signs of mental health issues in oneself and others
  • Promoting mental health in the workplace and fostering a supportive environment
  • Exploring the benefits and effectiveness of therapy and counseling
  • Addressing mental health challenges among college students and available resources
  • Understanding the connection between mental health and physical well-being
  • Exploring the role of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle factors in maintaining good mental health

10 Informative Speech Topics About Animals

  • The intelligence and problem-solving abilities of dolphins
  • The intricate social structures and communication methods of ants
  • The migratory patterns and navigation abilities of birds
  • The fascinating behaviors and adaptations of octopuses
  • The importance of biodiversity and the role of keystone species in ecosystems
  • The endangered species and conservation efforts to protect them
  • The incredible camouflage and mimicry techniques used by various animal species
  • The physiological and behavioral traits that make cheetahs the fastest land animals
  • The complex and highly organized societies of honeybees
  • The unique parenting behaviors and strategies found in different animal species

30 Informative Speech Topics Ideas

To avoid becoming a boring speaker, work on finding creative informative speech topics. If you select the idea you support and know well and use creativity when explaining it, people will eagerly listen. It often happens that you watch a commercial on TV without even knowing the product, but somehow you feel charmed by it. Noting the supernatural is there, a person is passionate about the idea and it sells it.

  • How does the human brain work?
  • Is Bible a reliable source of the historic past?
  • What is the difference between core religious manuscripts?
  • What is G4 and how does it operate?
  • Online dating: is it working?
  • Are some sports dangerous and should be banned?
  • Is reading obligatory for every child’s development?
  • Who should be the next President?
  • How do people fall in love?
  • The most notorious murders of our century
  • Is capital punishment reasonable?
  • What will happen to our planet in 100 years?
  • My future in 20 years.
  • Is it good to be old?
  • Is pork bad for health?
  • Who should decide the destiny of terminally-ill patients?
  • Who made the first chocolate bar?
  • Cryptocurrency: real deal or a great affair of our times?
  • Does television promote bad habits and crime?
  • Should religion be a part of education?
  • The place of the church in the lives of teenagers.
  • Are digital resources better than printed ones?
  • Should sweets and fizzy drinks be sold at schools?
  • Is bullying still an issue?
  • Is a successful business built on the leadership skills of the owner?
  • What is the use of a degree in economics in our times?
  • Should a person be passionate about the job?
  • Can a hobby become a job?
  • Why does healthy sleep matter?
  • Do people think about their health when they are young?

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