150+ Persuasive Essay Topics

Updated: January 8, 2024

Are you left with a choice to pick a topic for your persuasive writing? You are the lucky one as you have an opportunity to choose something you would like to discuss instead of wasting time on things that you dislike or find boring. If your teacher gives you a right to select a topic, it still should be related to something that you’ve covered in class.

We will help you to decide by sharing some useful tips. This post contains a large list of topics, questions, and ideas for your papers, so check it out now!

How to Select the Best Persuasive Essay Topic? Basic Tips

So, to come up with the best topic for your paper, you should think about something debatable and controversial. It is not just an informative piece – make sure the audience will be interested in reading your piece and even taking part in the discussion by sharing their own position.

Also, pick the topic you are aware of. You will need to research and get more information to serve as evidence in any case, but you should be able to share your own experience and examples from real life if you want to sound more persuasive. Check whether enough information on your topic is available in various sources: from textbooks to journals and specific articles. Start working on the topic of your choice only after the teacher’s approval.

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20 Good Persuasive Essay Topics for 2024

  • Should the government invest more in renewable energy sources to combat climate change?
  • Should college education be free for all students?
  • Should the minimum wage be raised to a living wage?
  • Should the United States implement a universal healthcare system?
  • Should social media platforms be held accountable for spreading misinformation and fake news?
  • Should the government regulate the use of facial recognition technology?
  • Should all businesses be required to offer paid parental leave?
  • Should the use of plastic bags be banned to reduce environmental pollution?
  • Should standardized tests be abolished in the education system?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished in all states?
  • Should the United States adopt gun control measures to reduce gun violence?
  • Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?
  • Should the government regulate the use of AI technology to prevent job loss?
  • Should companies be required to disclose their carbon footprint and environmental impact?
  • Should online privacy laws be strengthened to protect personal information?
  • Should the use of animals in research and testing be banned?
  • Should voting be made mandatory in all elections?
  • Should the government increase funding for mental health programs and services?
  • Should the United States prioritize diplomacy over military intervention in foreign affairs?
  • Should the government invest more in public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution?

List of Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

Except for the tips mentioned above, you may also benefit from using these topic examples. They will help you to get inspired.

  • The possibility for people to populate the moon
  • Cats Vs. dogs: Who is better?
  • We should invest more time in protecting nature
  • Living in a suburb is better than living in a city
  • Having too much money changes one’s personality for worse
  • The influence of reading on children’s minds
  • People should not consume animal-based products
  • Online ads send unhealthy signals to teenage girls
  • Governments should provide food for the homeless
  • All human beings should have places to live in
  • Laboratory tests on animals should be banned forever
  • Most of the unemployed people have justified reasons for that
  • Factors in support of surveillance tools
  • Criminals who distribute kid pornography should be sentenced to death
  • All educational institutions should offer bullying awareness programs
  • Sports helmets should be mandatory for everyone
  • It should be made illegal to use cell phones while driving a car
  • Nuclear weapons are an effective way to protect the nation against foreign conquerors
  • Suffering from anorexia nervosa is more dangerous than suffering from obesity
  • Teachers should start teaching etiquette in all schools
  • Every human being should have a right to switch to a different religion
  • It is important to impose household trash restrictions across the United States
  • High schools must suggest special degrees in arts
  • Celebrities should have more time for private life
  • Students should have a right to pray in school whenever they want
  • School board should kick out the bullies
  • Paparazzi should go to jail if they get too annoying
  • School uniform regulations do not correspond to the constitution
  • People should be at least 18 years old to start babysitting
  • Students should not be forced to wear uniforms
  • Parenting lessons are important for all future parents
  • Every citizen should pass mandatory driving tests each year
  • It is better to read original books than watch movies based on them
  • A constitutional right for healthcare should be protected better
  • “Queen” should be called the greatest rock band of all times
  • It is okay to have sex or gender education in schools
  • Kids should be paid if they take part in doing chores
  • Teachers should start wearing special uniforms like students
  • Young adolescents should all attend parenting classes
  • Recreational marijuana still should not be legalized
  • They should ban the selling of alcoholic beverages after 10 P.M
  • It is necessary to privatize social security
  • No computers will ever replace traditional books
  • Global warming must be the president’s primary concern
  • Cheating on a spouse should be made illegal
  • Free Wi-Fi zones should be available everywhere around the United States
  • American football should be banned as a rather violent game
  • Same-gender marriages should be allowed everywhere
  • It is unethical to spy on a spouse in any situation
  • Surveillance software developed to watch after kids should be banned
  • The educational level in single-sex colleges is higher than elsewhere
  • There is no full freedom of religion
  • People should agree on a single currency for the entire world
  • Children under 16 should not have social pages
  • Tutors should start receiving higher salaries
  • CEOs should not be the most paid jobs in companies
  • Scotland should gain its independence
  • Puerto Rico should get the status of statehood
  • Standardized tests are not as effective as tutors may think
  • Humanity needs a so-called military draft
  • Pet owners who abandon their animals should go to prison
  • Domestic spying tools without a warrant should be legal
  • High school athletes should be paid for their performances
  • Cheerleading should be treated as a separate type of sports
  • Every American should speak at least three languages
  • Chinese should be made an international language
  • There is no such thing as the most complicated language to learn
  • Annual-round school is a bad idea
  • Students should have more holidays
  • Employees in Eastern Europe should have more days off
  • Some of the video games can be added to the educational curriculum
  • Teachers should allow the usage of mobile devices in class
  • Racial slurs have to be illegal
  • Each American family must have a natural disaster survival plan
  • The government should cover all the damages in the result of the tsunami
  • The influence of computer games on children’s behavior
  • Video games and heavy metal music can provoke violent behavior
  • Letter grades must be replaced with a pass/fail
  • Teachers should educate their students about drugs during some breaks
  • The breaks in schools should be made longer
  • Gun ownership and usage must be tightly controlled
  • Every immigrant who moves to the US should learn to speak English
  • The Electoral College is outdated
  • A vegan diet is the worst one for the human organism
  • Public security matters more than the personal right to privacy
  • The US should think about building a border wall with Mexico
  • The election process in the United Kingdom is fair
  • Humans alone are responsible for climate change
  • Modern girls are too mean to each other
  • Alcohol drinking age should be increased
  • Tobacco smoking in public places should be penalized more strictly
  • Mass murderers and rapists should be sentenced to death
  • The acceptance rates of the leading UK universities are too low
  • The cost of colleges in the US is rather high
  • People with mental diseases should be made legally responsible
  • Those felons who have completed their sentence can vote
  • Each community has to shun prescribed codes of ethics
  • Several reasons why Mickey Mouse is frightening
  • Polygamy should be justified
  • Males should have implant contraception, as well
  • The truth is universal

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Why racial slurs should be illegal.
  • Exposing children to video games increases violent behaviors.
  • Citizens should not be allowed to carry guns in public.
  • There should be gender-neutral restrooms in public schools.
  • Every school should teach sex education to adolescents.
  • Immigrants that come to the United States should retain free English classes to learn the language and customs.
  • Naps should be given to middle school and high school students too.
  • Healthcare should be granted to all citizens in the United States.
  • Social media is making us more socially awkward.
  • The cost of education in the US is too high for the quality.

Convince Your Readers: Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should schools have a dress code policy?
  • Should junk food be banned in school cafeterias?
  • Should all students be required to learn a second language?
  • Should homework be banned in schools?
  • Should social media platforms have age restrictions?
  • Should parents be allowed to homeschool their children?
  • Should college athletes be paid for their performances?
  • Should smoking be banned in all public places?
  • Should students be allowed to use their mobile phones in class?
  • Should all public restrooms have gender-neutral options?
  • Should the school day be shortened to reduce stress on students?
  • Should school buses be equipped with seat belts?
  • Should video games be considered a form of art?
  • Should all public libraries be free to use?
  • Should pets be allowed in all apartment complexes?
  • Should daylight saving time be abolished?
  • Should zoos be banned to protect animal rights?
  • Should public parks be free to use for all residents?
  • Should all public transportation be made free of charge?
  • Should single-use plastics be banned to reduce waste and pollution?

Write a Powerful Essay with These 10 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should the government provide free internet access to all citizens?
  • Should students be required to take a gap year before starting college?
  • Should the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food production be banned?
  • Should the United States adopt a four-day workweek?
  • Should online dating be encouraged as a viable way to find love and relationships?
  • Should alternative medicine be considered a legitimate form of healthcare?
  • Should the government provide financial incentives to encourage people to switch to electric vehicles?
  • Should prisoners be allowed to vote in elections?
  • Should cities implement a congestion tax to reduce traffic and air pollution?
  • Should fast food companies be held liable for the health consequences of their products?

The Most Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

Controversial persuasive essay topics are those that often stir up strong opinions and emotions among people, leading to heated debates and discussions. These topics are often divisive and can be challenging to discuss, but they are crucial in helping people understand different perspectives and viewpoints. Below are ten controversial persuasive essay topics:

  • Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?
  • Should animal testing be banned in all industries?
  • Should abortion be legal and easily accessible?
  • Should hate speech be protected under the First Amendment?
  • Should vaccines be mandatory for all children?
  • Should same-sex marriage be legalized?
  • Should the Second Amendment be repealed or amended to regulate gun ownership?
  • Should affirmative action be abolished or expanded to increase diversity in education and the workplace?
  • Should the United States government prioritize national security over individual privacy rights?

Get Creative with These Fun Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should cats or dogs be considered better pets?
  • Should pineapple be a topping on pizza?
  • Should video games be considered a sport?
  • Should Harry Potter be included in school curriculums?
  • Should emojis be considered a legitimate form of communication?
  • Should karaoke be considered a form of therapy?
  • Should people be allowed to wear pajamas in public?
  • Should the use of emojis be allowed in professional emails?
  • Should a “National Napping Day” be implemented in the United States?
  • Should toilet paper be hung over or under the roll?

10 Excellent Persuasive Essay Questions to Answer

Sometimes, a student may need to provide an answer to the specific question rather than find solutions to a problem or covering the entire topic in brief. We have prepared the list of good questions for you.

  • How many official languages there should be in the United States?
  • Should prisoners obtain a right to vote?
  • Are thefts as dangerous as the murderers?
  • Should some universities increase their acceptance rates?
  • Should abortion be illegal around the world?
  • Is affirmative action fair or not?
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Is sexual orientation defined in childhood?
  • Should illegal immigrants be put in prison?
  • What is the proper age to start watching “Game of Thrones?”

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  • Is the feminist movement reasonable in 2024?
  • Does intellectual level determine interest in classical music?
  • Is it important for everyone to have a basic knowledge of first aid?
  • How quickly will humanity learn to properly take care of nature and conserve resources wisely?
  • Does travel help cure depression?
  • Why depression will become one of the most important diseases of mankind?
  • Drug rehabilitation in developed and undeveloped countries.
  • How can we help homeless animals without spending a lot of money?
  • How to distinguish reliable information from provocative and false?
  • How many countries require higher education?

5 Brilliant Persuasive Essay Ideas for You

Finally, you may need five simple ideas to get inspired while working on your persuasive writing assignment. We offer to choose one of the following:

  • Think about why selfish people are always unhappy. Perhaps, you can explain it through the meanings of true happiness and how important it is to take care of others.
  • People love to watch shark attack shows, horror movies, and other videos where the suffering of human beings is shown. Think about the factors that make people love things like that.
  • Analyze various human actions and compare how good or bad they are. Decide if there is a proper definition of “good” and “evil.”
  • To decide whether the United Nations should be disbanded, take various episodes from the life of this organization and analyze them in-depth from different aspects.
  • While the debate around genetically engineered intelligence is still relevant, offer the pros and cons of this phenomenon. Prove with meaningful arguments.

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