30 Philosophy Essay Topics

Updated: January 30, 2023

Getting an impressive philosophy topic for your paper is very tricky especially in a situation where you are given many options to choose. It is worthwhile to note that unlike other subjects, philosophy papers are primarily written based on the author’s opinion and not on research or facts. Wondering where to get your philosophy theme? Worry no more! You can get your item from any of the following sources:

  • Online search. There are a quite number of places on the internet where you can get an idea on your philosophy topic.
  • Consulting experts in the field of philosophy. Professionals in this area could be your professors or any other person who is well seasoned in matters of philosophy.
  • Search in the library and in your textbooks to come up with the right idea on the topic.
  • By discussing with your fellow students, you may get amazing ideas regarding your issue.

Do You Know How to Select the Best Philosophy Essay Topic?

More often, a student is given an assignment and the freedom to select the topic on his own. However, choosing a problem is not an easy task. To succeed in making the right choice, you should adopt the right strategies. Below are the simple steps you can follow in choosing the right topic:

  • Decide on your essay type

Before selecting the item, you need to make decisions on the kind of paper you want to craft. For instance, there are many types of philosophical essays namely informal, persuasive, and argumentative. Each type of paper has its unique requirements during its writing process, and, therefore, its selection should be made keenly. For example, an argumentative piece requires that you choose a controversial topic to make sense to your reader.

  • Brainstorming

It is the best approach for getting ideas to help you get a problem. To discuss effectively, you need to find out the aspects you like most about your subject and determine whether you can get information from library books and other resources.

  • Whether the topic is engaging

By choosing a new problem, you can get the energy and motivation to write your paper to completion.

List of Philosophy Essay Topics to Choose

The list of essay topics is provided so that you may make the right selection without a lot of hassle. Choosing the correct item for your essay is significant because it determines how successful your writing process will be.  The following are the topics you can use in writing your paper.

  • The differences between determinism and freedom
  • Perception of a personal space
  • Significance of distinguishing appearance from reality
  • The distinction between essence and existence in Metaphysics
  • The final judgments concerning Christianity
  • Comparing political and legal issues
  • Ethical issues in abortion
  • Human rights and their significance
  • The meaning of war in human culture
  • Moral laws versus natural laws in contemporary society
  • Impact of the internet on young people’s identity
  • Contribution of persistence and belief in the success of an individual
  • The language of gene ontology
  • Role of positivism in social science studies
  • The relationship between Game theory and organizational performance
  • The effect of language on humans
  • The differences between Morphology and Phonology
  • The purpose of intuition in creativity
  • Adaptation in linguistic interaction
  • Critical realist’s perspective on spirituality
  • Doubt and the procurement of knowledge
  • Factors which make some people be more irrational than others
  • Imagination is less important than knowledge
  • The perception of the physical world by idealists
  • Intuition is more than a feeling
  • The relationship between thought and society
  • Cause-and-effect thinking
  • Feminist Epistemology and philosophy of science
  • Religious beliefs and religious practice
  • The differences between a priori and a posteriori in probability

There are so many topics in philosophy, and it is vital to take time to understand the issue you are writing about before you make any choice. Select an item if you think that you have enough ideas about the subject matter so that you may compose a perfect piece.

Philosophy of Science: Essay Topics That Went Viral

  1. Abortion should be a personal decision, not one the government makes.
  2. The internet and its impact on children’s behavior.
  3. How does war change a society? Provide examples.
  4. What role does propaganda play in influencing citizens of a state?
  5. How does dialect affect communication?
  6. Discuss the topic of intuition. Is it just a feeling?
  7. What are the benefits of thinking? Is there a right and wrong way to do it?
  8. How is one’s image of oneself determinate of their self-confidence?
  9. Does social media make us less confident?
  10. What effect do heavily edited photos have on society?

Common Philosophy Essay Questions

In most cases, a quite number of students find philosophy questions challenging to handle when they have not familiarized with them. Therefore, it is crucial to think about these queries clearly so that you may enhance your critical thinking. The following is a list of some of the items which will help you think critically:

  • What happens when we dream?
  • Is there an existence of God?
  • How modern feminist philosophy differs from previous years?
  • What is the difference between mathematics and logic?
  • What is death in the philosophical meaning of it?
  • What is the relationship between science and religion?
  • What is heaven and hell in philosophy?
  • What is the difference between Accounting and Finance?
  • Is it justified for people to commit suicide when they have a terminal illness?
  • What is the most important aspect of modern feminism?

Philosophical questions are essential because they trigger the learner’s logical reasoning. It is, therefore, advisable to understand them clearly before you start crafting your document.

The Best Philosophy Essay Ideas for Your Adoption

Getting adequate information for your essay is not an easy task especially when you are inexperienced. Worry no more! The following ideas will help.

  • Read different textbooks to get adequate and relevant information for your paper
  • Create an outline to guide you in writing your paper
  • Write a thesis statement to show the purpose of your piece
  • Write a draft. After all the preparations, you can craft a preliminary document.
  • Proofread and edit your paper to correct any typos and grammatical mistakes. Ensure that your article is easy to read.

In case you get stuck in writing your philosophy paper, it is vital to seek help from a professional essay writer service.

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