Communicating in Close Relationships

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Communicating in Close Relationships within the context of journalism implies to the nature in which the stakeholders within the field interact. Numerous aspects determine the close relationship and the attributed communication. Some of them include the intensity and diversity of contact, satisfaction levels, and intimacy. Notably, the attraction theory plays a significant role in determining the forces that draw people together to form relationships (Samp, 64). This essay seeks to illuminate the aspect of communicating in close relationships within the context of journalism

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The art of writing and reporting is unique from other professions regarding communication. Communication forms a more significant part of the definition of journalism. Journalism defines itself from the discussion (Friedrichsen, 264). Without disclosure of any nature, then there is no Journalism. The question that we need to ask ourselves is what makes communication in close relationships in journalism successful?

In most cases, close communication in the journalism context is made possible because of the intellectual intimacy. When looking and reporting stories or news from the field, the journalists develop close relationships with the sources for the sole reason of getting information. However, it is notable there is an excellent bond amongst the journalists which is intellectual. Journalism is one of the ever-evolving profession. There are numerous changes across its tenets and most of the intellectuals in this context come together to share their experiences, ideas, and thus creating a close relationship, which has been seen as critical in journalism. Communication in a close relationship has contributed immensely to the development and continuity of new culture of journalism in the postmodern world (Samp, 124). There is stiff competition in this field because of the continued rise of the use of internet and technology, which is slowly eating down the traditional ways of creating and maintaining close communication in journalism.

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The use of internet and technology is a positive aspect to the development and continuity of close communication in the modern world; however, different dimensions have to be embraced when creating intimacy with the audience. For the journalists to disseminate news to the audience successfully, while espousing strict adherence to the tenets of close communication relationships of the modern audience, the journalists need to study the expectations of the audience and consider the best ways of creating intimacy when disseminating the information or news. It is notable that, creating intimacy or closeness with the audience in the modern world audience, the journalist, especially the editors needs to look between the lines of the story (Friedrichsen, 264). Intimacy should be created through the language used in the presentation. The power of the use of language remains the only tool for establishing close relationships with the audience, hence making communicating within the context of Journalism possible.

For instance, in the case of the youth are the majority who embraces internet and technology use, most of them get news online? For a youth to read a whole script there must be tenets of the power of language such as the voice of the author and the intellectual bit to create intimacy with the reader.  This calls for change from the traditional ways of embracing communicating in close relationships to modern forms of embracing communication in a more open society (Friedrichsen, 264). Most of the media have continued to embrace the current methods of disseminating information on electronic platforms social media. It matters most when passing the information to the sender through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As indicated earlier in this essay, the recipient of this information should find a reason to read or listen to the disseminated information, and this entirely depends on the approach and manner of presentation. For instance, most people are attracted to sound designs, attractive images particularly on live streaming. The first glimpse makes them continue reading or watching the news.

The conventional approach that has been embraced in the Journalism field in a bid to communicating closely with the audience involves the recruitment of science journalists whose mandate is to present news in a more precise and specific way to fit the expectations of the particular audience. This kind of audience wants typically to either learn new ideas or supplement what they already know in that specific field. This approach avoids typically the information deficit model of communication, which presumes the top-down or rather a one-way direction of the conversation, which limits and the tenets of open dialogue between the knowledge holders and the audience.

For the audience to be interested in the information being disseminated, then science-oriented need to do in-depth research on the news presented to add value to the recipient, and this would create close intellectual relationships automatically. It is notable that once the modern time audience has made an intimacy with a particular journalist or media intellectually or any other way, the audience will endeavor in seeking the news from such sources whenever they are online (Friedrichsen, 265). This is because of the level of intimacy depends on the trust on the report or ideas presented for consumption. One of the best ways of ensuring that the views or news submitted to the online audience is attractive is embracing photojournalism. Photojournalism provides that the images presented to the audience are professional, catchy, informative and above depicting honesty and impartiality.

In conclusion, communicating within close relationships has gradually shifted from face-to-face to the online audience, which has taken the world by a series of adjustments to meet the expectations of such audience. In the context of Journalism, communicating in close relationships has gotten a new meaning and dimension, since many aspects have to be changed to create the required intimacy with the audience. This includes informative news, memorable images, honesty and credibility of the story among others. The urge to develop familiarity with the online audience has made the world of journalism to be one of the most competitive fields of study.

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