Hitler’s Rise to Power

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Topics: Hitler, Nazism, The Holocaust, World War 1, World War 2


Adolf Hitler is a figure accused of 11 million deaths during the Holocaust. Of these 11 million, six million were Jews and the other five million were non-Jews killed by the Nazis on the instructions of the Führer himself. Most Jews were evicted from their homes as Hitler imposed on citizens that Jews were evil and were the root reason for the First World War. They have also been confiscated their property, deported to concentration camps or taken out of town and murdered. Hitler’s rise to power influenced the Great Depression, pushed the German state forward by drawing out weak points, and caused the inevitable deaths of many innocent people. Adolf Hitler remains a merciless and corrupt figure who achieved his position of power through the manipulation of the public and killed millions of innocent people in the meantime.

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Hitler’s participation in the First World War

At the beginning of his rise, Hitler was very impoverished and enlisted in the army during the outbreak of World War I. He chose to enter the 1st Company of the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment and was stationed in October 1914. Hitler was employed as a dispatcher, which was an extremely complex position. Many soldiers and sometimes Hitler himself, used to explode and perform proclamations about how awful the Jews were. He believed they were undermining the war effort, and some of his fellows apparently thought he was deranged. After he had survived the fight, he was granted the rank of Lance-Corporal. He gained multiple medals for courage, including the Iron Cross First Class.

During Hitler’s participation in the war, he was wounded twice, shot in the leg in the Battle of the Somme, and temporarily disabled by a British gas attack. After that he came back home and became older, he had no education, no career, and no plans, and he had only intentions to stay in the German army. Later he was commissioned as a Ministerial Officer and shipped off to a Military Camp in Germany. He did not care about what the German people actually desired until he became aware of the problems faced by German citizens. Only a party that was founded in the lower classes could improve the deplorable situation. Therefore, in 1919 Hitler made up his mind to enter the German Workers Party.

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Formation of the Nazi Party

When Hitler joined the German Workers Party, it issued its first program, which was called the “Twenty-Five Points”. The party did not adopt the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles. They wanted to reinforce and develop the desire of the German people. Hitler became very influential and later obtained full control over the National Socialist Party. Many founders were opposed to his ideas and tried to prevent him, but they could not. At the end of 1921, Hitler became the leader of the newly created Nazi party, which brought him into some problems with the Weimar Republic and the punitive terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Ernst Rohm also enlisted S.A. Hitler applied them to defend party gatherings and to assault anyone who opposed the rising Nazi party. The party required as much security as possible, so the Nazi party hired even more belligerent soldiers, called Stormtroopers, who were part of the “Right-Wing Private Armies”. They were instructed to apply violence towards their opponents. In addition, Hitler was going to hit the German government with some assistance.

Hitler’s first attempt at state revolution

Adolf Hitler and his associate Ernst Rohm conducted negotiations with the “Patriotic Leagues in Bavaria”. Over the course of several months, Hitler and Rohm produced considerable efforts to recruit other groups to rise up against the German government in what became known as The Beer Hall Putsch. During this uprising, Hitler wanted to act appropriately, he set his 15,000 men on alert. Sometime later that day, the Bavarian Cabinet declared a state of emergency and tried to prevent Hitler from conducting any meetings. General Hans Von Seeckt said that if Hitler attempts to seize power in Germany, he will perform himself. But the Nazi leader realized it was extremely late to retreat, his supporters were justifying the action. Members of the S.A. and others stormed a large Beer Hall, where a leader spoke to the masses, declared the start of a national revolution and gripped them to the center of Munich, where they clashed with the police. Hitler and his party were arrested, and he was confined on charges of treason for nine months. Although the revolution collapsed and Hitler concluded this was not the way to achieve power in Germany, the Putsch did bring the Nazi party acceptance in Germany.


During the months of his imprisonment, Hitler was engaged in writing a book entitled “Mein Kampf”. In this book, Hitler detailed and elaborated on the nationalist, anti-Semitic views that he had generated in his formative years in Vienna and outlined the visions for Germany and the world that he aspired to implement when he gained power.

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