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Subject: Famous Person
Pages: 4
Words: 827
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Hitler’s Rise to Power

IntroductionAdolf Hitler is a figure accused of 11 million deaths during the Holocaust. Of these 11 million, six million were Jews and the other five million…

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Subject: History
Pages: 6
Words: 1607
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Mixed Reactions to War Refugees

The painted bird was published in 1965. It was authored by Jerzy Kosinski. It offers a vivid description of the Second World War as witnessed by…

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Subject: History
Pages: 10
Words: 2524
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Nazi racial policies in occupied territories

The Nazis took over Germany in 1933 and almost immediately following their attainment of authority over the country undertook several racial policies. These policies were aimed…

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Subject: History
Pages: 9
Words: 2541
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The World War II and other historical wars

The Shawl is a historical short story that was first published in The New Yorker by Cynthia Ozick. The story is based on the World War…

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Subject: Art
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Schindler’s List

It is important to appreciate the fact that some things come into one’s mind when there is a mention of a hero or villain in any…

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