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The Weeping Woman Analysis

IntroductionThe amazingly charming way of painting has inevitably captivated the public. And Picasso lived a rich enough life to surprise and amaze more than one generation…

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Guernica Analysis

IntroductionGuernica by Pablo Picasso depicts suffering and devastation in the form of a solitary painting. The cubist work portrays the Spanish city of Guernica in disarray…

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Pablo Picasso Life and Contributions to Art

Pablo Picasso enabled the continuous growth and development of the art industry. He has been a significant player in art history from birth until death. Like…

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Subject: Art
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Analysis of Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

In 1907, the famous artist Pablo Picasso started to work on one of his most famous pieces of art, “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”. The initial plans of…

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Subject: History
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The World War II and other historical wars

The Shawl is a historical short story that was first published in The New Yorker by Cynthia Ozick. The story is based on the World War…

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Pablo Picasso Essay: Art History

Pablo Picasso was a famous Spanish artist known for his creative paintings. He completed around 13,500 paintings, 34,000 illustrations, and 300 ceramics. Picasso’s artwork was classified into periods: cubism, neo-classical, and surrealism. During the civil war, his Guernica painting became famous as he displayed his outrage against military violence.

Picasso paintings revolutionized the art industry for many years to come. Many colleges in the United States of America value Picasso as a genius and use his disruptive, bold art pieces to teach students different art courses. His creativity, passion, and work ethic have greatly influenced modern art.

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