Madison Square Garden

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Madison Square Garden (MSG) is a multi-purpose ground located in the New York City area of Manhattan. MSG is regarded as one of the most eventful and famous arena for sports and entertainment globally. In particular, the garden is utilized for purposes of basketball and ice hockey, professional wrestling, concerts, circuses, boxing and ice shows among others.  The main argument in this paper is that MSG is a fundamental center that serves as a tourist site in terms of entertainment, sports, and concerts.

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Experience at the Site

Being the famous arena for sports and entertainment, the greatest shows and pleasures can be experienced at MSG. In the mode century, it is fascinating to watch boxing and entertainment at the icon MSG. According to Aycock and Scott, the reason as to why many fights and movie scripts are created using the garden as the background is that the feeling at MSG is synonymous with sports, and entertainment is in-built in the American spirit (153). Moreover, the garden allows individuals to have a meeting destination to relax, interact, gamble, and entertain themselves. Today, the garden has been an arena of various great instants that populate the scenery of American sports and common culture (Nelson, 754).

Observations at the MSG

The MSG is a historic landmark that gives the New York City a sense of pride and permanence. MSG, the world’s famous arena is situated in Manhattan on Seventh Avenue in the middle of 31st and 33rd streets ( Most importantly, the site portrays the political culture of the New York City. The MSG is not only important for sports and entertainment but it has also become a noticeable center for fashionable enjoyments in the New York (Aycock & Scott, 155). Shuhei argues that the location and convenience of the site captivates both domestic and foreign individuals, with the messages displayed from the walls of the garden having a great impact on people globally (157). Since the site is not restricted to sports and entertainment only, it has also works as a center for political events for both the New York City and the whole country as well.

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Important Elements of the Site

Following the arena’s capability to host world’s largest sports, the National Invitational Basket-ball tournament, that is was the largest and most admired tournament in the U.S. was invented at the MSG in the year 1938 (Nelson, 748). In addition, the arena was the home of Stanley Cup Finals in the year 1972 and NBA finals in the year 1994. Nelson illustrates the fact that the site has been a home of numerous competitions that include the inaugural WrestleMania of the 1985 (748). Therefore, the MSG hosted some of the most significant sports events and common culture happenings in the 19th century. Most importantly, the site is the oldest sports arena in the National Hockey League (NHL) and the fourth–demanding music arena globally in term of ticket sales. The name Madison Square Gardens originated from the fourth president of the U.S., James Madison.

History of MSG’s Development and those Involved

McDonald claims that the first and the second MSG were situated in Madison square, the first from the year 1879-1890 and the second from 1890-1925 (37). A previous study shows that the initial MSG was leased to Phineas Taylor (PT) and in the year 1979, William Vanderbilt took control of the garden and was the one who named it Madison Square Garden (Shuhei, 158). Due to the inconvenience from lack of roof, the first garden was destroyed after eleven years and architect Stanford White was involved in the planning of the second MSG. Shuhei shows that an association of wealthy businesspersons was established to purchase ad manage MSG that comprised of Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, W.W. Astor, and P.T. Barnum (159). The structure was the second tallest building in the New York City during these periods. However, the second MSG was unsuccessful in terms of profitability and the York Life Insurance Company destroyed it in the year 1925 and developed the New York Life Building.

The third MSG was located alongside 8th Avenue between the 49th and 50th street from the year 1925 to 1968. Architect Thomas W. Lamb designed the garden that was constructed by boxing promoter Tex Richard. According to McDonald, the third MSG was the site where the garden evolved, with the Ringling brothers, and Barnum and Bailey Circus functioning as the early primary attractions (37).

In the year 1968, the fourth MSG, which is the current site, was opened amid 31st and 33rd streets and 7th and 8th avenues above the improved, underground Pennsylvania station (McDonald, 37). The modern MSG was developed on directly above the stands of an active railroad station. The individual involved in the establishment of the square was Robert E. McKee from El Paso Texas.

Sport, Entertainment and Political Groups that Use MSG

In the modern century, a large number of individuals use the MSG for sports, entertainment, and concerts. The MSG is has become the center of the New York Knicks, New York Liberty, New York Rangers and the important concerts and events in the Tri-State area ( In addition, popular rock stars such as Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Elton John, Bob Marley, and Led Zeppelin have utilized the square for concerts (Riess, 586). Today, events that include New Year’s Eve concert, the Mill Rose Games, and Big East college basketball tournament usually occur at MSG. Nelson claims that MSG has been a host for the Grammy Awards in several occasions and an establishment for both Democratic and Republican treaties (748). Consequently, due to the events held at the garden, the site has become a home for both domestic and foreign individuals.

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Role of Different Organizations Involved in the Arena

Due to the activities involved, the MSG collaborates with various organizations for advertising and banding purposes. JPMorgan Chase functions as the MSG’s leading multi-platform, multi-venue, and multi-media player ( In particular, the JP Morgan Chase institution has teamed up with MSG with over 100 years as it assisted in financing the second garden in the year 1887.

Anheuser-Busch is one of the major global brewers that have collaborated with MSG to market its professional sports teams, digital networks, concert chains, and in-arena signage.

For over 100 years, MSG has worked with Coca-Cola Company to establish year-round manifestation for Coca-Cola in all its sports and entertainment facilities in New York (

Since the year 2009, Delta Air Lines has been the MSG’s official airline while Kia motors are the certified vehicles for the garden. Furthermore, Lexus is the certified luxury vehicle of MSG (

SAP cooperated with MSG recently as the approved business analytics partner of the site. The other company important at MSG is the Draftkings that is the daily imaginary partner of the MSG’s teams.

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MSG sports owns and runs well-known sport institutions such as the New York Knicks (NBA), New York Rangers (NHL), New York Liberty (WNBA), the Hartford Wolf Pack (AHL) and the Westchester Knicks (NBADL). Harper opines that the NBA, NHL, and the WNBA play a major role in serving the community through the provision of charity services (110).

Riess states that George “Tex” Richard functioned as the boxing promoter at MSG in the nineteenth century and played a key role in the development of the square and formation of MSG Corporation (585).


The world’s famous arena that is the MSG has been an important host to an amazing variety of individuals and therefore functions as a tourist site. Additionally, the site represents the connection between sports and American culture. MSG has advanced considerably since the year 1879 when the first garden was established. In order to experience the American popular culture, sporting, and entertainment pleasures, it is recommended that individuals should visit the site.

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