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The culture that we live by today is evidently infecting every part of our lives in the same degree and influence. The media is now turning out as the greatest mode in which these cultural influences are spread. The coming of the new technology has changed how people from various parts of the world. Radio and the television films form a system that these cultural influences are spread. Every branch of the culture is in congruency within itself and unanimous with all the other branches. In one way or the other, each category po0f cultures work in agreement within itself and the entire culture body. This paper shows the way in which culture is sameness infecting the ways of the people’s lives. The roles of media in the current political and economic landscape are also explained in this paper. The paper also shows how radio and television films in connection with the new technology have formed a system under which the cultural influences are spread. Much about the changes that the media has caused in the historical terms have been explained in this paper. The many impacts of technology on media is also explained here as below.

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Frankfurt school was established by a group of intellects of Germany in 1923. The school was founded to mark the beginning of the modern Marxism which later united with bourgeois philosophy in academia. Marx in his ideology believes that an inevitable section of development is changing from capitalism to socialism. Marx deduced his idea of transition from capitalism to socialism from analyzing the economic activities and the material condition to come up with the economics law.

According to Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, the public have been enchanted by the amoral culture that has drawn them away from their self-independence and individuality (Thevenin, 2017). The two argues that media and the new technology through the radio films and television are playing a very core role in this by quashing the ability of imagination of the people. The viewer of the films should have a quick and knowledgeable cast of mind to benefit due to the nature of the films. Adorno also says that culture is constantly penetrating into people’s lives negatively as films need the observers to be thinking a lot leaving them with absolutely no time to make imaginations during their free moments. Culture industry seems to be seeking to lower the tension between daily existence and the culture product. It is important to note the idea of media and the film should be full realistic occurrences as well as being provocative enough to entertain the viewers.

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Different culture branches work in such a way that there does not exist any contrast within itself. This happens through it being definitive to all it states and evidence supporting its statements. A culture would not give any shortcoming in its context (Tan, 2008). The branches of culture also operate such that there is a continuous flow in them and ensure that there is no contradictive idea within it. Similarly, different aspects of culture try to put a smooth path of flow to ensure that they do not contradict one another. The influences that they cause in the people’s lives are such that each impact in a direction that would correspond to the other.

Social media has greatly changed the economic and political landscape over the past few decades. Many people are today giving their opinions on the polls during campaigns. This causes political pressures and changes the attitudes of the voters at each of the voters do not wish to cast his or her vote to a candidate who is automatically losing the election. Direct contact with the voters and the politicians has been enhanced by the social media (Horowitz, 2012). The citizens get the opportunity to put across the issues that would wish to be addressed by their leaders once they have been elected. Replies from the politicians themselves are also cheaply and efficiently accessed by the candidates. Politicians are also able to show their manifestos to the voters enabling them to elect the best candidate for their governance based on the plans that every one of them has for them. Social media is greatly encouraging feudal acts through spreading of fake political news.

In the economic world, media systems are currently playing a very important role in helping the entrepreneurs to make advertisements that reach the right audience. The media may, however, work negatively work for the company as it may spread non-realistic information to a large group of people, making the company lose the market for its commodities (Curran, 2006). It is also difficult to rectify the information that has been spread through the social media. The media technology is also being widely used in the online marketing staff. Selling and purchasing of goods and even advertisements are today done through the media. This helps the customer and the seller as they are able readily reach each other and do their transactions (Davies, 1996).

The coming of the new technology has caused various impacts on the media. The media devices that are currently built such as the radios, mobile phones and televisions are today improved to have high technological abilities (Jenkins, 2009). This is constantly making the prices of these electronics to go higher due to the high costs of the production of such electronics. This may work negatively on the marketing of such devices as many people may fail to afford the high costs. New technology is also enabling the production of three-dimensional actions. Such videos that are acted at the cinemas make the audience feel better attracting more of the audience hence helping in the development of the media industry. The shooting of more clear videos has today been enhanced by the use of high-density cameras that have been brought with the new technology (Rasooli, 2015). This is encouraging many people to buy as many videos as possible hence, in turn, developing the media industry. Today, the new technology is enabling the public to get access to the newspaper on phones. Continuation of this may lower the rate at which people are purchasing the newspaper hence reducing the profits that the media makes from sales of the newspapers. High definitive televisions that are made using the new technology are greatly attracting many people to buy the media TVs (Isaac, 2012). The more the television are bought, the more the media industry continues to develop. Proportionately, cultural changes as people view the cultures they observe and make their minds to shift to the foreign cultures they observe at the media.

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These technological impacts on the media have various impacts on the people’s cultures all over the world. The media acts as a vessel for passing the unhealthy cultures from places to another (Lull, 2000). For instance, the poor socio-cultural negative activities of the tourists quickly spread to those who may be in their healthy indigenous cultures. In this way, the media is aiding in the pollution of cultures in that particular environment. People lose their local cultures that were practiced by their forefathers when they try to imitate the foreign cultures that they see or hear from the social media vessels (Leifker, 2006). A lot of plights are currently facing the people’s cultures as a few people who are technologically literate fake information that is not true about cultures that certain people practice to drive them off their cultures. The digital social media devices are today being widely used by a good number of people to spread unworthy texts and information that could destroy peaceful culture of the society (Thevenin, 2017).

Today, most people choose what brings pleasure and what is not good for them based on the activities and cultures they watch on the media devices (Griffin, 2006). People’s lifestyles are majorly based on the kind of actions that they observe on the media devices that they have in their households. In one way or the other, many people are today changing from the lifestyle of their cultures to what they watch on media. Moral behaviors of the society also get deteriorated and improved in various ways. Media exposes certain acts of the people in the world to the society (Lemert, 2006). These acts seem to bringing pleasure and consequently cause great behavioral changes in the people’s cultures.

This paper, therefore, shows the various aspects of culture. One can argue none from this text that the cultures keep sure that each of its branches gives contexts which rhyme with the other branches. It is also evident that the cultural influence on the activities and other aspects of life are treated with sameness such that it influences them to work in agreement with each other texts also shows that the media devices form a great system through which the cultures are spread or extinct. The new technology is also creating great impacts on the cultures of the people. Political and governance cultures are also undergoing daily changes due to the technology changes on media. The business world is also getting affected either negatively or positively by the media. Information released by media to the public may reduce the sales of that company’s commodities. It is also difficult to reverse the information that the media has leaked concerning a business premise. New technology is also enabling the use of the media to do shopping and online advertisements. This is, in turn, changing the shopping cultures that people used in the previous days.

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