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The ABC News Application

The recent technological development has seen the growth of innovation in the various sectors of the business environment. Different organizations have developed information systems as well as the mobile phone application to drive the transformation agendas of these enterprises. One sector that has seen the tremendous transformation with the technological development is the new outlet industry (Mitchell, Rosenstiel & Christian, 2012. This sector has significantly benefited from technological innovations and hence significant transformations. The American Broadcasting Company (ABC News) is one such company that has benefited from the development of mobile phone application that has tremendously transformed the company’s business of informing the masses.

The initial development of the ABC News Application was influenced by the organization’s need to extend unique resources and journalism at the company to an impressive new platform and therefore furthering the news agency’s commitment to accomplish their vision of presenting “your world in your hands.” This application was intended to give the consumers of new a full access to the award-winning news coverage of the ABC News company which included the firm’s rich news content (Van Damme et al. 2015). The application development was as well initiated from the need of the organization to build on its existing feature set, value added and the user interface of the ABC News iPad and iPhone applications.

The new ABC News mobile application runs on an Android system which is an open source cell phone operating system. This system is primarily based on the Linux operating system and written in Java which was initially developed by the Android Inc. (Mitchell, Rosenstiel & Christian, 2012). And in the long run bought by Google in the fall of 2015. The development of a mobile application based on this system by ABC News was advised by the systems great support for multimedia. This system can support both 3D and 2D graphic as well as the regular video and audio formats. The system also backs multi-touch inputs and carries the V8 JavaScript in its Google Chrome browser.

The development of the ABC News mobile application has seen the transformation of the company in different aspects. First, the mobile application has expanded the company’s reach and hence improved their viewership. This application has filled the gap for the unavailability of the television sets in different places. For instance, students in colleges, as well as individuals on transit, could keep up with the news through the use of the Android application developed by ABC News and this results in the increase of viewership. The application allows these individuals to stream the news content on their mobile phones running on Android systems and hence transforming the company’s client reach.

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The development of this new application has also seen the almost forgotten newspaper wing of the ABC News boosted and hence increased the readership of the ABC News newspapers on an online platform. This has ensured that the ABC newspaper becomes a formidable force in the newspaper industry to compete with the seasoned players in the sector efficiently. The easy availability of the company’s newspaper has helped to expand the market for the enterprise, and this has, in turn, attracting advertisers to the company which has resulted in the improvement of ABC News Company’s performance in the news industry. This has enhanced its competitiveness among its peers in the field of the news broadcast.

The creation of a new and exciting user interface has benefitted the ABC News Company through increasing the speed with which the company’s content reach a wider audience (ABC News, 2011). The Android mobile application has enabled the company to present timely and regular live videos enabling the consumers to view different events as they unfold. The application also gives viewers and readers the ability to store stories of interest for future reference making it one of the most preferred news applications and hence increased client base. The developed application has also enabled the company to integrate local news items which have helped the ABC News to leverage its resources of extensive networks of allies and hence giving the readers and viewers the choice of what to consume. The application also has a complete integration of the various social media platforms mainly Twitter and Facebook which makes it easy for the consumers of news to share the news content on these platforms hence enhance the company’s content reach (Van Damme et al. 2015).

The company is now looking at the future with this mobile phone application. The American Broadcasting Company seeks to make the Android news application the consumers’ news platform of choice. This it intends to do through further improvements on the design of the application which will enhance the ease of its usage hence a first choice for the viewers and readers. This will ensure that the best content is provided to the audience as the application presents them with an engaging experience. It, therefore, remains to be seen how the future will unfold for this new and exciting mobile news app developed by the American Broadcasting Company.

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