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Following the rising of present modernity concept, I developed a project that focused on the modern day media presentation. The project depicted live events, file footages and recording of different clips showcasing advancement in technology and discoveries. The plan was a simulation of how media specifically the televised press presents the events as they happen; live and some as recorded. The intention of the project was directed towards alluding to concept and themes used in the media such as live coverage, use of experts in presentation and technical challenges experienced during these events. Further, the project was critiquing exaggerations of media in their reporting and how the presentation has changed over the years. The underlying intention of the project was to assess how the televised media adhere to the accurate and proper presentation of information and reporting.

In the audiovisual presentation, a presenter in a laboratory suite and safety goggles is captured and commences a news brief. The presenter starts by welcoming the views and introduces the first news to be presented by a lady. The lady explains, though not clear how the process of chemical separation is going to change, followed by introducing another live event going on at a construction site and finally invites the view to watch. The clip fails to stream, and the lady presenter apologizes and blames it on the passing cloud. She finally shifts the audiences to the main presenter who continued by inviting the viewer to another live stream of an advert of a male person who introduces himself with varying titles. The man introduces a safety suit and demonstrates how the suits are easily wearable and went on to showcase the different uses of the suit. Interestingly, the presenter’s explanation contradicts the reality as streamed. Finally, the presenter shifts the viewer back to the main presenter who explains an ongoing discovery at a certain institution. As he explains, it is evident that he exaggerates the whole coverage as recorded. Finally, the presentation ends with an unfinished clip of purportedly depicting a scientific discovery which the presenter links it to the safety goggle he wares. 

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 Contextual Survey

The project is a presentation of depicting modern day media presentation. This project, therefore, is situated within the cultural media presentation, and how the concept of presenting news and information has changed over time. Media has, specifically the televised media has been the forefront of presenting discoveries, advertisement and presenting news. Over the years, televised, media has gain relevance and has been relied upon by many people across the world. This new trend has influenced the media to go a notch higher and endeavor to please and grasp the attention of the audience by use of strong terms and application of exaggerated concepts. This is what the project depicts, and has critiqued the presentations by simulating a live presentation (Kümpel 2015).

In recent past, media has been found to be culpable of presenting false news and outdated coverage. In addition, they have fallen trap of numerous and embarrassing technical hitches and unclear sounds, improper presentation, undignified decorum and in some instances unapologetic for mistakes they stream live. One such scenario was witnessed in 2013 by Kerryn Johnston, a presenter in WIN news. In her presentation, Johnston started off without realizing that the cameras were on and it was not a rehearsal. Johnston was caught live saying she is feeling happy like a drunk person. She was embarrassed by the act and led to a delay of news presentation (Clarke 2013). Later in the night, another technical problem occurred that aired her earlier recording, and that was not the time to present since it was a recording. This is often scenarios in newsrooms, but they are not given much attention. The media directors, presenters and all the supporting team do not take much responsibility or attention to rectify repetition of such events. As depicted in the project, the presenter should make apologies for technical hitches and should be alert always since technology is at times not reliable and anything can happen (Barnhurst 2015).

Live streaming and coverage is another new trend in news presentation. Media across the world is currently streaming live events from all over the world, which has sent and fastened news delivery. The project, therefore, depicts a trend in all media stations across the globe, which has embraced the modernity in news presentation. In addition, media have been brave enough to venture into dangerous and life-threatening territories with a sole purpose of presenting news and on timely delivery. This is well captured in the project as a presenter is seen recording footage in an institution that purportedly described scientific accessories of ongoing research and discovery. This new trend and drive to cover for news and events no matter how risky and hazardous it has gained root and this should be sustained by all media stations (Mandal 2015).

The project only reposts for new trends in scientific discoveries and new technology. This gives focus and attention only to the new breed of researchers and scholars who are interested in new trends in the field of science. Media have managed to segment presentations for different audiences, which has assisted in customer satisfaction and retention in media stations that have such a plan. This new trend was not embraced by many media stations in the past and has recently gained root (Pressman 2014)

Analysis of Practice

The project was developed in that manner with an intention to present the main idea of critiquing the presentation of the news by the media and impose a challenge to modernity and Varn Garde theorems of change in modernity. I was meticulous to ensure that modernity is well presented in the project and to impose a challenge to media personalities, and the general stakeholder including the audience on their uptake of content by the media. The intention was to critique the media and challenge them to be at the forefront to present quality, accurate and fast information to the first class customer who is the audience. They should, therefore, care for their audience. Further, media should take charge and advantages of the advancement in technology and eliminate mistakes observed in often in their endeavor. In addition, the audience is challenged to be vigilance on the uptake of any content aired and presented in the media since some media station might fabricate and exaggerate information thereby making it untrue (Rosenquist 2016).

Media has often been presented as the accurate tool, practitioners of journalism have been expected and viewed as perfectly meticulous and individuals who do not make mistakes. Further, the who idea of trusting what the media feeds the audience has since long not been criticized and challenged to present more relevant accurate information. For this regard, the project was tailored to expose instances or ways in which they manipulate the views by feeding them with incorrect, distorted and exaggerations information (McLennan 2017). It was also to critic media culture in terms of their news presentation, setting, advertisement they make and the trend they endeavor to set. All over the world, the media is always on the front line to set new trends, new culture and give new information. With respect to this, the project has alluded that not all trends the media advocates for and sets are relevant and accurate. Despite the media being on the front line to critique other institutions both public and private when something goes wrong, no one criticizes the media. No one is mandated to judge them and tell them when they go wrong. The project was to sensitize the major stakeholder, in this case, the government, not to take charge and be sieving what the citizens are fed with by the media (Martin 2016).

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From the seminar, the field of science was put under scrutiny, and much applauding was called for the advancement they have made over time. True to the matter, science has been the backbone for the advancement of technology and the globe at large. In addition, the media cannot function without the help and the use of technology. The two needs to complement each other, where the technology should be the driving force behind quality, accurate and fast information delivery by all media station. In the same way, media should be in the forefront to spread news and insight about technological advancement and educate audiences about the use technology. Further, media should inspire more technology to be developed not only to be used and consumed by the media but to all areas and sectors of the human life. This, as indicated, was what the project is driving at (Rosenquist 2016)

Media is failing to effectively use the right media to deliver quality delivery of the news, and there is numerous technological advancement out there that can be used. Present modernity as explained in the seminars represent the currently developed technologies while many sectors are failing to utilize or do not have proper knowledge about it. Further, the stakeholders in the field of science and technology should endeavor to simplify the advancements and make them easier to use. In addition, there should be employed experts in the media house to be on the front line to explain the use as well as allude to the importance of new technologies as they emerge. This would be in line with the Avant-Garde theory, and therefore audiences would have easy uptake of information presented in through the media (Hart 2014).

On the other hand, media is seen to take a stance and is, therefore, challenging the field of science and technology. As presented, there is numerous scientific advancement in the project that is falling. This, therefore, challenges all stakeholder in this field to be in the front line developing quality products that are not just meant for profiting corporations but they do not live up to the what there were praised and expected to. In many occasion, catastrophes have happened across the globe which is as a result of low-quality products that have been hailed as quality. Many lives have been lost due to the improper presentation of information by developers misleading consumers on the low-quality products. This culture is seen all over is done with intentions of making money at the expenses of consumers. Further, the proper test for the products should be done to give the most accurate information of products developed in this present-day modernity. The consumer is therefore advised to take precautions and care especially in the use of technological commodities that are not tested and have not been passed by respective bodies’ mandated to verify the usefulness of such products (Abadi et al.2016).

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Summarily, the project depicts a modern media station with expert’s presenters, live coverage, advertisement and scientific analysis. The project was tailored to simulate the mainstream media presentation with special interest to modernity concept as applied by Avant-Garde theories. There are some instances in the media where technical hitches are evident. In other instances, media has been seen presenting improper and distorted information, with an intention to grasp the attention of the audience. Further, live coverage has been the new trend in mainstream media, and expert analysis has also taken root. The project criticizes both the media and the present day modernity in their failure to present and develop quality content which is accurate and trustworthy. Failure to do this has resulted in the loss of life, and their audiences are alarmed to be vigilant in the manner in which they take up media content and use technological devices.

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