Public speaking


Introductory and Concluding Techniques

During speech giving, there exist essential things that should be considered before the speaker delivers an effective speech. Some of the points to reflect includes the type of audience, time and venue of giving a speech and the method used by the speaker to deliver the address. For delivery of an interesting speech, the speaker must consider the primary styles which will capture the concentration of the audience (Sapir, 2004). This paper looks at the first methods that a speaker can acknowledge when addressing a speech to first-year students on sticking to a budget.

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Having a powerful and inspiring attitude would ensure that the audience pays the necessary attention and follow the speech to the end. Combining the prepared materials about sticking to the budget and delivering them with powerful skills is an essential consideration. These would be as a result of proper preparation on the topic of discussion. It is also vital to ensure that appropriate and relevant examples are used where necessary. Greetings to members accompanied by an introduction with a sense of humor related to the subject matter would capture the attention of the audience. These would ensure that a right image is created to the audience since most tend to judge the speaker from the initial statements made (Lucas, 2008).

After arresting the attention of the listeners, it is vital to ensure that your critical points of the speech are remembered. These call for a great and memorable concluding technique. Planning the closing remarks word for word helps in designing final remarks. The most effective concluding ways include: ending a speech with a call of action, summarizing the speech bymentioning the main points addressed, closing the speech with a sense of humor or inspiration and creating a story illustrating the main points or just letting the audience applaud.

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Change in Audience

The freshmen are new to the school environment and have a minimal idea on how to develop a habit of sticking to their budget and hence, a comprehensive explanation must be done. Contrary to this group, the seniors have more knowledge concerning the subject matter. A brief speech to the seniors might be beneficial as lesser explanations are done (Lucas, 2008). The examples used in the speech will change from the obvious with the inclusion of relevant cases associated with senior years in school, for example, sticking to the budget to save for their future. A small change in the speech content would be called for to ensure that the speech meet their expectations. The presentation method would change as the seniors tend to be more informed and hence their attitude towards the topic of discussion is different from that of first-year students and the latter being better.

Presentation and Engagement Techniques

With students having heard a lot of stories about finances including some having finance subjects in their courses, the method of speech presentation of the same information matters to a reasonable extent. Relating the day to day lives of students to the topic in a discussion would fetch the students mind as they relate the topic to their daily lives. Use of planned body and hand motions would steal the student’s attention as this would engage their minds as they try to read the gestures and relating them to the discussion (Lucas, 2008). Use of compelling personal examples would make them visualize the reality of the topic discussed.

It is essential to engage the audience while delivering the speech. Engaging the audience makes the audience more interested and gives a reason to listen. Some of the engagement techniques that can be employed include: asking provocative and rhetorical questions, showing compelling visual images, offering a humorous observation or anecdote, telling a story and describing a scene or character (Sapir, 2004).

Delivery Outline

The speech delivery outline involves the preparation of the speech, identification, and introduction of the topic of discussion, the body, and the conclusion.

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