George Lynch

George Lynch

Literature, Psychology, Religion
George is one of the most experienced writers on our team. Give him anything related to Humanities, and George is your man for the job! A top-class expert that has never missed a single deadline. His essays on postmodern literature are always a great read, bringing students positive grades all the time.
Articles written by George Lynch

101 Sociology Essay Topics

Picking the right thing to discuss in your academic papers is not always easy. From one side, you are free to discuss whatever you like. At…

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How to Write a Sociology Essay

Sociology is a complex study that helps people to learn more about themselves. It is closely connected with such disciplines as psychology, political science, religious studies,…

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50 Synthesis Essay Topic

To ensure that you are choosing the best topics for your essay, you will need to consider a number of important factors; Keep your career path…

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Steps Involved On How to Write a Synthesis Essay

Proper organization of your assignment is crucial when writing an essay. Thus, with the five steps provided below, it will help students in designing a good…

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Tips on How to Write a Media Essay Correctly

A media essay is an academic paper that centers its primary focus on exploring media attributes such as advertisement, social media, media outlets, their social impacts,…

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30 Media Essay Topics

Media essays are a fundamental element that constitutes the academic lives of mass communication students. There is no doubt that any mass media student will come…

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75 Narrative Essay Topics

When looking for the best topics for your narrative essay, you need to make sure you know exactly what to write about. Writing a narrative essay…

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Guide on How to Write a Narrative Essay

When it comes to writing a narrative essay, you need to know exactly what you want to write about. Writing a narrative essay involves a lot,…

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30 Nursing Essay Topics

In the study of nursing, you are required to write several essays based on various nursing topics. You need to be careful with the topics you…

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A Full Guide on How to Write a Nursing Essay…

Explore the best nursing essay tips provided by expert writers in the field of nursing. This guide will exhaustively cover how best you can write a…

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