Campaign Planning for Digital Media

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Answer 1:

For a campaign-based marketing activity, use of digital media channels would be preferable for several reasons. First, it allows global reach in return of a small investment. Second, the results are measurable and easily traceable. For example, web analytics can help us know the statistics about the views and money generation from digital channels.

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Answer 2:

As for the unique characteristics of digital media in contrast with traditional media, they include global reach, lower cost, measurable results, improved personalization, rich media content that attracts the target customers, and improved and speedy response by the target market due to online presence (Standberry, 2017).

Answer 3:

The goals for an online acquisition campaign can be to acquire new customers and leads, encouraging customers to generate some business by buying something, monetizing the customers to improve the sales graph, and building a community of brand promoters. 

Answer 4:

Some of the options for targeting particular audience groups online include putting insights across all digital channels, sending personalized direct emails to actual buyers, developing customized advertisements that address the needs of the audience groups, and improving the SEM tactics in accordance with the buying behaviors to facilitate search for the customers.

Answer 5:

To decide on the relative investment between digital and traditional marketing, a company should analyze the behaviors of the target market. For example, if the campaign is about a product for the young generation, more emphasis should be on digital marketing modes because young generation usually spends more time of social media and digital channels rather than on reading newspapers and magazines. Similarly, if the product is for old-aged people, traditional channels can be more effective because old-aged people like to read newspapers and magazines and are generally less equipped with the skills to use of digital media.

Answer 6:

Some key options for integrating digital media channels with traditional media include adding short and easy to remember URLs under the advertisement on the print media, making traditional radio stations also broadcast on internet-based channels, and creating awareness about social media presence through print media marketing (Keys, 2017).

Answer 7:

Interest of the target customers in a particular product category is a customer insight that must be taken care of in executing a campaign. Google surveys, Goggle trends, and Google analytics can be used to know the latest trends among the target customers. Age group of the target customers is also a customer insight that can help in developing and executing the campaign. 

Answer 8:

The marketer should consider the issues like age group of the target audience, financial standing of the target audience, interest of the target audience, value of the message, and worth of the offer for the target audience.

Answer 9:

The range of goals that define the success of an online marketing campaign includes reaching the targeted level of sales, reaching the targeted level of customer views and shares, and generating the business as expected from the campaign.

Answer 10:

The integration will make the campaign more effective because no age group and no target audience completely rely on any particular mode of marketing. So, the best way is to integrate multiple marketing modes from both traditional and digital media to increase the level of reach and awareness.

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Answer 11:

The three most important changes include facility to get statistics about the results of the communication using web analytics, increased worldwide reach at a low cost, and the facility to do rapid communication with the customers (MacDougall, 2017).

Answer 12:

Taking the example of Amazon, which is also a B2B model based company, Amazon can use web analytics, customer database from the business partners, and product information to target an audience using an email newsletter.

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