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Subject: Health Care
Pages: 3
Words: 897
Rating: 4,9

Ethical decision making

The ethical principle of autonomy, also known as the patient’s right to self-determination, is the principle which indicates that decisions must be made by those who…

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Subject: Environment
Pages: 2
Words: 682
Rating: 4,4

The ethics of animal experimentation

Research about animals has created so many questions, and pressing issues that have been released from every corner of the world. This struggle delves much on…

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Subject: Religion
Pages: 3
Words: 755
Rating: 4,5

View of good and evil in religions

The view of good and evil, this category has a series of similarities across many of the religions in question. Unless there is a kind of…

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Subject: Philosophy
Pages: 3
Words: 756
Rating: 4,7

Altruism or egoism

Whether or not humans have the moral right to treat others with value and not as hurt others is a question of normative ethics. It is…

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