Freedom of speech Definition Essay


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The 1st amendment

The First Amendment in the United States is used in protecting the freedom of speech from any restrictions by the government. However, when it comes to the Supreme Court a group of speech are not sheltered by the 1st amendment and can be enacted at any time as long the reasons are reasonable. The government of the United States does not publicly advocate any protection for any person who is associated with terrorism. U.S has been making all attempts and measures that are required in regulating the acts of terrorism on social media. Although, this has been a challenge especially since most of the advocates state that it is a violation of the 1st Amendment. The government holds a defense on certain advocates by saying that terrorism posse a danger and a greater evil to the American soil and its citizens (Schmitt, 2012). In addition, the White House sends a request that is more like of a command that all media companies should remove any post that is associated with the act of terrorism.

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Hate speech

Hate speech it is when a group of people or an individual is attacked through a speech based on race, religion, sex, or through their ethnic origin. In addition, hate speech can be inform of unnecessary gesture or conduct targeting certain people, through writing, or displaying certain characters that are forbidden (Richard & Stefancic, 2004). Hate speech has been constitutionally protected especially when it aims and has been directed to any minority group. This is because it results in inciting violence against that group that has been protected (Epstein & Walker, 2016). It also disparages and intimidates the members from the minor groups based on being a member of that group. By constitutionally protected it has made it possible and a success to punish criminals that harass and intimidate the other member of the society. These speeches make the minority groups to be more vulnerable and, therefore, it has been of importance to protect each other against those spreading hate speeches.

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