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AMA Citation Generator

Every student is familiar with writing academic papers of different types. Whether it is an essay, a thesis paper, or a term paper – every work should be composed and formatted according to the rules. And while the writing process itself takes a lot of time and energy, formatting the finished text can be even more exhausting. The essential part of it is making citations. And yes, there are also special rules to follow when quoting someone in your paper. So in this article, we will give you some guidance for AMA citation style and introduce you to the perfect tool – our free AMA citation generator. Don’t miss the chance to get help from a professional online machine!

AMA Citation Guide

AMA which stands for the American Medical Association is a citation style that is used by scientists and students in the medical field. If you are already studying medicine or plan to achieve a degree in this area, you should definitely know how to cite according to the AMA style.

You might wonder: “Why should I learn the rules of the AMA style?” When writing any kind of academic work for medicine you will have to back up your words. And this can be done only by creating references to other authors. And then formatting the resources is required to be in the AMA citation style. But we recommend you take advantage of our generator for such purposes. Since this machine is free and easy to use, you can definitely increase your productivity when composing a medical paper.

What is an AMA Citation Generator?

While writing your paper in the medical or sociological field, you will have to cite the works of other scientists. To make it correct, you need to learn all the rules that the AMA citation style requires you to obey. But what if we tell you that there is a machine that can create your sources according to all guidelines? And this machine is our AMA citation generator. This is a perfect solution for creating in-text citations and references.

By using the AMA-style citation generator, you will get the following benefits:

  • Fast results. This machine produces the results immediately after you fill in the required fields. It will not take you more than several minutes to keep the generator working.
  • Proper formatting. The AMA citation tool is working on algorithms that allow users to get the references formed according to all the rules.
  • Confidentiality. The AMA citation generator doesn’t record who is using the machine nor does it share this information. Your professors will never know that you used our online tool for your work.

AMA in Text Citation: Rules to Remember

Even though you can definitely rely on our AMA citation maker, knowing the rules on how to form in-text citations will not be superfluous. Following the AMA style, all the citations that you used in the text are directly connected with those you identify on your reference page. There is one general rule for the American Medical Association guide: use superscript Arabic numerals after you refer to the resource (like that: 1). This number points out the reference number from the reference page of your work.

To make an in-text citation, place the superscript numeral right after the fact, author’s name, quotation, or specific information you are mentioning. It should be put after any punctuation marks: commas, quotation marks, periods, etc. Since there are many other rules and exceptions on how to cite in the AMA style, let’s take a closer look at them.

Citing One Author

AMA citation generator will create references for you within minutes. But even properly created references will not be as effective as knowing how to mark them in the text. So if the resource you refer to has one author, you can make it in two ways:

  • By putting a number right after the author’s last name (like this: Huston1);
  • Or by writing the numeral after the citation without mentioning an author’s name (like this: The statistics prove the opposite1).

If the same author appears again in the work, you will have to cite him with the same number.

Mentioning Two, Three, and More Authors

If the resource has two authors, according to the AMA style, you should mention the last names of these authors and put the number after the second author’s last name. In cases with three and more authors, AMA generator citation requires writing only one author’s last name and referring to others as “et al”.

Referring to the Unknown Author

In cases when the author is unknown but you have to cite his work, you can write just a number or input the title of his work and then put a number to it. However, according to the AMA citation style quotation marks, or italicized text is not required.

Writing Two Authors with the Same Last Name

Unfortunately, the AMA citation generator will not provide you with the correct result if the authors have the same last name. In this case, you should remember that you have to put different numbers after their names and add initials to differentiate them.

Citing Several Sources at the Same Time

If your idea consists of several resources, you can also show it with the numbers. You can do it in the following ways:

  • If the resources are consecutive, put two numbers and a dash between them;
  • If the references go in a different order, you can simply put different numerals separating them with commas.

Marking the Page

In the AMA style, it is not required to put pages even if you cite specific information. However, if your professor makes it necessary to identify the page, you should put the page number in parentheses after the number that refers to a certain resource.

Referring to the Organization

If the resource you want to cite has no author but an organization, according to the AMA citation generator will offer you to put the numeral right after the name of the organization.

Indicating Severals Resources that Were Made by One Author in the Same Year

It is obvious that the citation machine AMA might not recognize which resource is different from the other if they both were written by one author and at the same time. But the solution is pretty simple: write different numerals for different resources.

Linking to the Websites

In the in-text citation, you will not have to provide readers with the direct link to the website you took the information from. Instead, just put a number after the given fact, and then in the reference list, you will give the exact data about the electronic source.

AMA Citation References: Guidelines Explained

In your reference list, you will have to name all the resources you marked in the text. The order should be the same as you mentioned in your work. So for example, number one should refer to the first resource in your reference list. You don’t have to repeat the same reference in case you used it several times in the text. Just put the same numbers in your text that will link to the one resource.

In most cases, universities provide a manual for structuring the reference page. However, if you don’t have the proper instructions, you can simply follow the general ASA style guidelines. Also, you can choose the easier way – entrust all the hard work to our citation generator. But knowing how to form the resources manually will be beneficial for you. So below you can find the rules on how to form some types of references according to the American Medical Association.

Book Citation

If you want to describe the book as a reference, you should include the following information: the author’s last name and initials, the title of the book, the subtitle if necessary, the publisher, and the year it was published. Our online generator will also offer you to italicize the book’s title and subtitle.

Journal Citation

If your source is an article from the journal, then make sure to add such piece of information: the author’s last name and initials, the title of the article, the year it was published, the issue or volume, the pages where the article is located, and the link to the article if it exists in the electronic form.

Video Citation

In case you want to cite the video from YouTube, there is nothing complicated about forming it as a reference. The important detail is that you have to know the real author of this resource. And sometimes it is not the same person who uploaded the video.

Formatting the AMA Citation Reference Page

Besides the AMA style applies to creating references, it also requires rules on how the whole work should be formatted. So even when you get the perfectly formed resources from our online generator, you should still know how to format your academic paper. We want to share some of them below.

  • A work written according to the AMA citation style should have a title page, an abstract, text, and a reference list.
  • The text should be double-spaced, written using Times New Roman font, and 12 font size.
  • The work should have page numbers located in the upper right corner. Pagination starts with the title page.
  • As for the reference page, it should be written on a separate page and named “References”. The resources created by our generator should be put in the numbered list. Hanging indents are not required.

How to Use an AMA Citation Generator: Quick Instruction

AMA free citation generator is an easy tool to operate. You don’t have to make any moves or calculations, this machine will do the hard work for you. Here is how you should use our free citation generator.

  • First of all, choose the resource type: book, website, journal, e-book, newspaper, film, video, etc.
  • Fill in the required information about the author, the resource’s name, the date it was published, the URL link, and other fields.
  • Click on the generator to generate the results and you are ready to enjoy the references!

As you see, it is pretty easy to operate our AMA citation machine. So every time you have to write an academic work in medicine or sociology, feel free to use our online citation generator!

FAQs on AMA Citation Generator

Is the AMA citation machine free to use?

Our AMA citation machine is totally free of charge. For any type of source, you can use it for an unlimited period of time. Even if you need to come up with a lot of references, our online generator will provide you with as much as you need.

What is the AMA citation format?

In the AMA citation format you have to put the superscript Arabic numeral right after the author’s name, or the organization. This number will link to the reference in your reference list. And for creating resources, you can totally rely on our AMA citation generator.

How to create AMA citation in the online generator?

Our AMA reference generator is very user-friendly and it is really easy to create AMA citation. All you need is to know the details about the resource you want to cite: its author, date of publishing, URL link if needed, title, subtitle, etc. And then you have to input that information into the generator and it will come up with the immediate AMA citation example.

Can I create an AMA video citation with the help of the online generator?

Surely! If you want to cite a video from YouTube, you can create the reference with the help of our AMA video citation generator. The important detail is to find out the author of the video since many videos are just published by other people.

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