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What Is an APA Book Citation?

While performing various writing assignments, learners use information sources to generate relevant and meaningful content for their papers. Books are the most common source where you can get through material for almost any subject and topic. However, if you refer to an author’s thought, statement, or example in the book, or cite its ideas, you should become familiar with the academic standards of proper formatting.

APA citation, especially one concerning books, needs a profound and detailed explanation and guideline. Our pro writers and editors with multiple-year expertise in paper writing are aware of the latest updates and trends in APA book citing and references. They have prepared an effective tool for simplifying your paper-arranging process. You can apply an APA book citation generator for creating rapid and accurate citations.

APA is a crucial format for psychological, social, and healthcare disciplines and fields. The sixth and seventh editions differ somehow. Our experts consider that fact and add other intricacies to our citation generator to make it as relevant and effective as possible.

APA Book Citation Generator: Easy-to-Use Tool

You should no longer read the vast bulk of literature and guides to learn how to cite a book in APA format. Citing a book can be a prompt and even immediate process consisting of a few steps on our website. You can indicate the following criteria in our online APA citation generating machine.

  • You need to indicate a field or discipline.
  • Book title.
  • Author (first and last name).
  • Publisher.
  • Publication place (country and city, or state).
  • Publication date (year, month, and date).
  • And quote for in-text citations.

In addition, you can find a book by a title or an author. Our book APA generator has a database of sources already cited and referenced. It implies you get an immediate APA citation without indicating all the above information.

We have worked on our APA book citing tool to supply learners with an effective mechanism for arranging reference pages and in-text citations without any trouble in a few clicks. It takes one minute to write the book’s details and click “generate”. It saves hours wasted on manual formatting of the APA book sources citation.

How to Cite a Book in APA – Detailed Instructions

As you must have understood, the points mentioned in the list above are the basic components of APA citation. When you cite a book in APA format you should indicate the author’s last name with initials, year of publication, title name, publisher’s details, pages if you refer to a particular book part, and a link if it is an ebook or you fail to find a printed version.

If you take a book with a specific edition, you should consider rewriting the citation according to the following optional APA book citing requirements. These four elements are crucial to avoid misunderstanding.

  • Editor’s first and last name.
  • A number of the edition or its particular name.
  • Section name.
  • Page numbers.

There are further peculiarities of formatting for ebooks. We have a detailed guide on the specific type of electronic books, however, some general rules for APA book citations look as follows:

  • It applies exclusively to books that are not accessible in libraries and are limited in the number of printed editions.
  • It also applies to book editions available on the website.
  • The reference should consist of the link to the website.
  • The type of document in square brackets is required according to the sixth APA guidelines.

All the above demands apply book and ebook APA formatting that each learner should stick to while performing upscale writing assignments. If you are short of time to arrange an APA citation and reference page, you can apply to our free website references generator. It is active 24/7 and designed by our top specialists.

APA Book Citation Example

Many guides have much theoretical material that is not well structured. That is because learners often find book APA citation tricky and incomprehensible and fail to cite sources properly. It is sensible to provide concrete examples to form the overall image of the style and its peculiarities. An APA citation for book example may look as follows:

  • Author’s last name, comma, and then initials of the first name that consists of the first capitalized.
  • Publication year in parentheses.
  • Title name with a colon that proceeds with another part of the title name if there is so.
  • Publisher’s name.
  • Website link for an ebook and book that have no printed access.

In-text citation differs from simple references; however, still there are some nuances you should pay attention to.

  • For in-text citations, capitalization of the author’s initials and last names is critical.
  • The standard in-text citation includes the author’s last name, comma, publication year, again comma, and then page number if there is such a need. You should cite it in parentheses.
  • The title should have all words capitalized for in-text citations.

APA citation is not as complex as someone may believe, however, there are intricacies you should consider to avoid any misunderstanding and make an APA citation professional and relevant to the latest guidelines.

Referencing Book in APA Format: Main Peculiarities

Depending on the book type and the information available APA citation details may vary. When you need to cite such sources, consider further peculiarities for book citing in APA format, which look as follows:

  • If a book has two authors, a “&” sign is required while listing every author’s name in the proper manner provided by the format.
  • You can indicate exclusively last names if the number of book’s writers equals five, list them using commas, and & between the last ones.
  • If the number of authors exceeds five, it is appropriate to write “et al.” after the last name of the main author.
  • The title name should use an Italic text style.
  • The title should not be fully capitalized. Solely the first word of the title needs to start with a large letter.
  • For edited books, the editor’s name and edition’s name should be indicated after the title’s name. The number of the edition should be in parentheses.
  • If an edition has no author, it will suffice to indicate “Eds.” in parentheses after naming the book’s authors.
  • For translated books, it is crucial to indicate translators’ last and first names according to the APA style in parentheses after mentioning the title.

The seventh edition has many altered features. We cite book sources sticking to the updated guide. Our generator follows such instructions too. The latest guidelines provide no location mentioned for the book publication. The style omits such a clarification.

Our APA citing generator considers the requirements of both the sixth and seventh guidelines. Our experts use this effective machine to cite sources of various types but a book is one of the most common resources.

Cite a Chapter in a Book APA

If you need to list a particular chapter of the book in references, you should indicate its range of pages after the book title in parentheses. The example may look as follows: (pp. 110-155). If you refer to a chapter in the text, APA book citation should consist of the author’s surname, year, and pages. It is crucial to write one “p.” if you use material from one page, and “pp.” for a large page range.

Cite a Page in a Book APA

The above rules take place for the citation of a page. You need to start with the author’s last name, then a year, and a page. Our experts may provide you with an example: (Johnson, 2019, p. 3). If there is no author, you can write the book title in quotation marks.

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