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What Is an APA Ebook Citation?

Ebooks are a common information source in learners’ academic writing. Sometimes it may prove challenging to find the necessary book in the printed version since the edition is always limited. The sensible solution to this issue is to apply online sources with the text of the necessary books.

However, there are a few ways to cite a ebook in APA format. A technique depends on the specific type of book you refer to. There are ebook edition websites and traditional printed books whose text is accessible on the internet. While handling the APA citation you should pay attention to the above detail to avoid any misunderstanding in your references.

Ebook citation in the APA format is quite similar in its rules to simple APA book citations. If you are familiar with book citing in this style, the guideline will be comprehensive for you. In addition, we supply learners with a free tool for instant ebook citation. Each internet user can employ our APA generator by indicating the ebook details and clicking “generate”.

Ebook APA Citation Generator: How to Use It?

APA citation generator is an effective method of promptly citing various types of information sources. An ebook is a common resource for research and term papers, coursework, and even dissertations. Students at many educational stages and with different academic degrees find an ebook a user-friendly, profound, and relevant information source. APA style is popular in philosophy, sociology, philology, and other disciplines.

Considering the importance of ebook citation in academic papers we have prepared an ebook APA citation generator that comprises even the smallest nuances of APA formatting. Employing this tool requires indicating the following ebook information.

  • Field or subject.
  • E-book’s author (first and last names).
  • Title.
  • Publisher.
  • Place of publication.
  • Date of publication.
  • Editor’s names.
  • Edition number or title.
  • Link.
  • Volume number.
  • Quote.

APA references and citations include the above details. If an ebook fails a few characteristics, for example, the author’s name or publication date, you can omit it, and our citation-generating machine will provide the most appropriate version for each exceptional case. Nevertheless, our APA ebook generator considers various options for accurate citing and even has a database with prepared references that learners applied for before. It minimizes the time spent on generating citations and supplies with proper and upscale APA ebook citation worthy of high grades.

How to Cite an Ebook APA – Easy Steps to Follow

When you cite an ebook, the main distinguishing characteristic you should consider is indicating the website link at the end of the citation. APA format has no strict rules distinctive from the traditional book citation, however, the DOI number or URL address is a significant criterion.

Our APA citation generator takes the sixth and seventh APA guidelines as the basis. These standards still function and are appropriate in educational institutions. Each college and university may have specific APA requirements. So, you should become aware of all the nuances of your assignment’s instructions before citing an ebook in your text or reference page. The updated APA style simplifies the citing process and removes a few criteria.

  • The format and type of the document are no longer required.
  • You should not indicate the device type.
  • Indicating the publisher’s name is critical.
  • URL should no longer be accompanied by “retrieved from” clarification.

When you cite ebook APA format, your task is to trace all the latest trends and not to miss the relevant alterations made to the updated guideline. Such a professional APA ebook citing demonstrates your responsible approach to performing the assignment and can boost the result.

The average number of sources in an academic paper is up to 15. If you are short of experience to cite sources in APA, you may spend about one hour citing each ebook, website, journal, newspaper, and article. With a professionally designed APA citation-generating machine, you can deal with the task in a few clicks. Our experts also prepare many blog posts and useful materials for learners to simplify their academic writing.

APA Ebook Citation Example – Detailed Guide

Our writers and editors offer structured guides for APA formatting for various information sources. Our tips and examples help learners to get the background in APA formatting and become aware of the latest trends in citing an ebook. We provide a list of six elements your APA citation should contain.

  • Last and first names of the authors.
  • Year of publication.
  • EBook title.
  • Names of translators.
  • Information about the publisher.
  • DOI number of URL addresses.

Another nuance we are eager to share with you in this APA citation for ebook example is double indicating the publication date. It implies that sometimes an ebook is published earlier or later after traditional book publication. You need to indicate both dates to fill that gap. In addition, the sixth APA edition can request your website access date. However, the updated guidelines do not require such information.

Indicating a DOI number may be a more relevant version than that of a URL address, however, such an option applies to an ebook too. The only distinction is that a DOI number is more user-friendly for its check than a link.

Cite an Ebook APA 7th Edition

It should include the author‘s name (last name and initials with capitalization), year, italicized book name, publisher name, DOI, or link to the website where the book is available. Each point should be divided by a dot and start with a large letter.

If you refer to concrete pages you need to mention that in parentheses by writing (pp. and then the number after one space). An (Eds.) sign is appropriate for indicating the editors of the ebook.

Cite an Ebook APA 6th Edition

The author’s name and book title formatting are similar, however, there are some intricacies. You should mention the document type and version in square brackets after naming the title. Place of publication is another criterion you should consider while formatting references sticking to the sixth edition. Then you write “Retrieved from” and add a link.

Referencing Ebook in APA Format

Our experts emphasize the importance of considering differences between in-text citations and references on a particular page. The first ones usually take the simple shortened version of a reference.

  • In-text citation looks very similar to traditional book citation formatting. You should indicate the author’s last name, comma, and then the year.
  • If the number of authors exceeds two, their last names should be listed and separated with commas. The two last ones should be divided by the “&” sign.
  • You can refer to the author by indicating their last name and year in parentheses.

There are also a few general rules that will come in handy while using an APA style. If you cite an ebook and there is no relevant website address or DOI number, you can finish your citation with the publisher’s name. You can indicate the date of republishing after the URL.

It is critical to indicate “Trans.” after the main translator’s last name after the ebook title.

There are no simplified rules for indicating the authors’ names at the start of citations. Usually, the list of authors should consist of the last names and initials of every writer. If you miss finding an author of the ebook, you can start by indicating the ebook title.

If you still find the requirements for ebook APA citations challenging and complex enough, our online citing generator can address this issue and cite your ebook in a few seconds after the request. You can cite your sources more rapidly than you believe!

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