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What Is an ASA Book Citation?

When students get a writing assignment, they may have challenges with content, scope, and deadline requirements. In addition, immature learners may feel desperate when their teacher emphasizes certain reference styles and asks them to present their paper according to its requirements and rules.

You may have to face ASA book citation if you deal with humanitarian sciences like Psychology, Sociology, Journalism, and others. ASA, or the American Sociological Association Style Guide, is a collection of instructions that are applied to writing research papers, mainly in sociology and other related subjects. Correspondence to the ASA format is evidence of students’ diligence and plagiarism avoidance. Since most credible resources are available in printed versions, even online, you have to know all the requirements not to get a lower grade due to citation issues. You can cope with the task by relying on yourself or try our online book citation using an online generator available on the site for free.

How to Cite a Book in ASA?

It is only half of the work if you are lucky to find exquisite, interesting, or the newest book that will make your paper exciting and original. You need to know how to cite a book in ASA format to get excellent grades. When you get an assignment, your teacher provides particular instructions and requirements like scope, structure, and set deadlines. In addition, you may be asked to write your research paper in ASA citation style.

Do not panic ― this style is similar to APA and Chicago, and you will easily handle it following our recommendations. When you cite a book, you need to collect some necessary information for bibliography lists and citations. So, you need to possess the following book-related data:

  • Author(s) full name(s)
  • Year of book publication
  • Book title
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher.

Holding a book in your hands will not cause you any problems in getting such information, but the question concerning this data organization and punctuation will undoubtedly arise. You may follow the subsequent ASA citation for book example to avoid mistakes and plagiarism. The following scheme will come in handy:

The author’s name in inverse order. Year. Title in italics. City: Publisher

  • Doe, John. 1999. Writing styles. New York: Doe Publishers.

If you are going to refer to an e-Book, you need to add a URL address using the following scheme:

The author’s name in inverse order. Year. Title in italics. Place of publication: Publisher. Retrieved date (URL)

You should add the edition number after the title to know what was referred to. For instance:

  • McFly, John, and Randy N. Adams. 2006. Artificial Intelligence in Preschool Education. 3rd. ed. New York: Syracuse Press Ltd.

So, as you may see from our samples and explanations, there is nothing complicated if you have practice in ASA book citation or some good examples to follow. However, you may also use our online machine that can generate a book citation in any style in several seconds.

ASA In-Text Citation Book Requirements

An in-text citation is another popular way of referring to the source. But unlike the bibliography list that goes after the paper’s conclusion, in-text citation of the book is a kind of thought backed by citing, paraphrasing, or summarizing information. Specific requirements must be followed to demonstrate your citing skills and prevent plagiarism accusations.

So, if you want to provide credible evidence for a particular issue, you will use in-text parenthetical ASA book citation. The requirements are similar to most citations, where you use quotation marks around the cited text and add the author(s) last name, year, and page in parentheses.

E.g. ( Jason, 2023:34)

If there are two authors in the book you refer to, you must mention both manes.

E.g. (Jason and Smith, 2023:34)

If the author is not mentioned or the reference does not presuppose an author like a statute or other legislative documents, you must write the book name instead.

E.g. (Dyslexic Learner 2005:34)

Suppose you have grasped the fundamental principles of ASA in-text book citation. However, if there are still some pitfalls, you should refer to us to get expert assistance from our online citation generator that will not cost you anything.

ASA Book Citation Format

After in-text citation of the applied literature, you still must organize all the sources on the reference list at the end of your paper. As a rule, students use different resources, and it may be time-consuming and challenging to compile the bibliography properly since there may be specific sources or lack of some information. Let’s dig deeper and discover the most widely spread challenges they face.

ASA Citation Book No Author Available

If there is no author’s name, students may get lost and avoid referring to the book, which may be an essential source. Do not give up when facing such a problem since there are rules on citing a book in ASA format with no author. In such a case, you have to indicate the title.

E.g., Manual of Style. 1993. 14th ed. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Remember that the author’s name absence does not influence the reference position in the list. So, you must place it alphabetically according to the title.

ASA Citation Book with Multiple Authors

Some books are written in cooperation with several authors who made an equal input in book writing, so it would be unfair to mention only one. Of course, you must indicate all the writers.

  • Two authors (remember about inverse order of full name only for the first one)

Doe, John, Robert S. Richards, and Thomas J. Smith. 2001. Writing techniques. New York: Doe Publishers.

  • Three or more authors

Patten, Michael A., Guy McCaskie, and Philip Unitt. 2003. Birds of the Salton Sea: Status, Biogeography, and Ecology. Berkeley: University of California Press.

As you may see, there are the same rules as the first author’s name in inverted order.

ASA Chapter in a Book Citation

When you want to cite not all of the book but highlight information from a particular chapter, it is recommended to study how to cite a book chapter in the required style. Using our sample format, you may easily handle the task:

Format: Author Last, First. Year of Pub. “Title of Chapter/Article.” Pp. Inclusive page numbers in the title, edited by First Initial. Middle Initial. Last Name. City, State Abb./Country of Publisher: Publisher.

  1. g. Nathan, Peter E., and Raymond S. Niaura. 1987. “Prevention of Alcohol Problems.” Pp. 333-354 in Treatment and Prevention of Alcohol Problems: A Resource Manual, edited by W.M. Cox. Orlando, FL: Academic Press, Inc.

Perks of ASA Book Citation Generator Use

We are sure you can avoid book citation challenges by referring to our guide. But there is another thing that we are also confident about. Our ASA book citation generator is created to make your life easier. With our automatic online citation creation machine, you will save time and money, get an excellent citation-making lesson, and have constant and unlimited access to this helpful tool. Fill in the boxes with the required information and relax. Our generator will create any source citation corresponding to all the requirements in several seconds.

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