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What Is an ASA Website Citation?

If you are a diligent student and face a need to submit a written assignment, you should know all the peculiarities of citation-making in ASA format. The American Sociological Association (ASA) style is commonly used by students studying sociology with citing and referencing aims. However, not only sociologists apply it in their writings since journalists or authors of educational research projects turn to this style too.

Because of the popularity of online resources that make paper writing more convenient and diverse, it is essential to be aware of how to cite a website in ASA format. It is a great advantage to have background knowledge of citations in APA or Chicago formats since ASA has many things in common with them. However, do not worry if you have no clue how to cite because we will shed light on the main aspects and rules down the line. Moreover, today, you may use our automatic citation generator just by providing the required information.

How to Cite a Website in ASA?

Selecting a style to cite information in your paper, you should remember that it is necessary to stick to the latest edition of the required style guide. To cite a website in ASA, refer to the 7th edition, but do not forget to follow the updates. Note that our automatic machine creates citations based on the last version of the ASA style guide edition, so be sure in correspondence to all the requirements.

It will not cause problems if you have experience citing printed literature or online resources in existing styles. There will be no challenges in citing websites in ASA. If you want to cite a website without referring to our online citation generator, you should look for and provide the information from the website in the following manner:

  • Author(s). Publication year. “Title of the website or section.” Place of publication: Publisher. Retrieved on Date (web site address).

Here is ASA citation for website example compiled according to the requirements that will be included in the bibliography:

  • American Sociological Association. 2000. “Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Workshop.” Washington, DC: American Sociological Association, Retrieved May 5, 2000 (

However, in certain situations depending on the website, it may be hard to find information about the location. So, in such a case, you should stick to the following sample of ASA websites citing:

  • National Institute of Mental Health. 2013. “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).” Retrieved June 6, 2014 (

One more popular source of information in today’s realia is social media, which has become popular not only among teenagers. Since it is a simple and widely spread tool for sharing information, publications, and research results, social networks are considered a significant resource to refer to. So, if in your work on sociology, you want to include references on social media in the bibliography, organize it in the following way:

  • Year posted. “Text of post.” Name of social media site, Date posted. URL.

Be careful with ASA website citation if you want to get high grades and not be accused of plagiarism or use our citation generator to do at the top level.

In-Text Citation ASA Website

Many students want to make their writing more alive and add in-text citations. It should be mentioned that it is not rocket science, but specific issues require special attention. So, if you want to impress your teacher or back your thoughts and conclusions with facts in the form of citations, consider certain moments that are crucial for in-text ASA website citation.

Challenges and Rules of ASA Citation Format Website

Punctuation is one of the pitfalls that may cause specific problems or discourage students from citing in-text. You should adequately provide them in quotations and not plagiarize somebody’s thoughts. As you know, it is obligatory to use quotation marks at the beginning and end of the cited text, preserving original punctuation. After the quotation, you should indicate the author’s name and date of publication in parentheses.

Another challenge that may confuse students is the author, group of authors, or their absence. You must observe the requirements and rules applicable to each case.

How to Cite a Website With an Author?

Scientific articles on website pages usually have an author or authors, so you will easily find them on the page for in-text ASA website citation. In such a case, your task is to indicate the author’s last name and date in the following way:

  • “Quotation text.” (Jonson, 2022)

In case you have a page number, you should also provide it after the date, placing the colon between the year and the page number.

  • “Quotation text.” (Jonson, 2022:67)

If you have mentioned the author when presenting a citation, there is no need to add the last name in parentheses.

  • In his research, Dr. Jones (2022) states that “Quotation text.”

If there are two authors, mention last names in parentheses like in the sample:

  • “Quotation text.” (Jonson and Smith, 2022)

If three or more authors are to be mentioned, indicate only the first one.

  • “Quotation text.” (Jonson et al., 2022)

As you may see, there are no difficulties in citing websites. However, you must practice citing the source perfectly or use our ASA website citation generator to ensure correctness and correspondence to the latest requirements.

How to Cite a Website With No Author?

Since the website is not a book with a cover that includes all the necessary information needed for a reference list or in-text citation, you may find yourself in a situation where no author is mentioned. You should know the basic rules to avoid misunderstanding and not neglect ASA citation style requirements.

So, if the author’s name is unavailable, you must apply the first several words of the reference. As a rule, the title is mentioned in such a situation. You should use quotation marks around the quotation as you always do and add an italicized title and date in parentheses.

  • “Quotation text.” ( Citing Websites Rules, 2023)

Such practice is applicable to the citation of legal documents such as statutes, court cases, etc., since there may also be no author.

ASA Website Citation Generator: Reasons to Use

It may be a significant challenge when students write their paper on sociology or another related area and must not only organize the list of printed references but also indicate all the referred websites. However, there is a perfect solution to such a problem. Using our online website citation generator, you must only provide the required data and get a correctly compiled citation in several seconds. Appealing to us, you:

  • Save time when making a list of references;
  • Are sure that citations are according to the last ASA style guide edition;
  • Get access to our free service 24/7;
  • Practice ASA website citation

Since there are many pleasant and exciting things around, let our online machine handle the citation burden instead of you!

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