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How to Cite a Podcast MLA?

Students face writing instructions for citing podcasts less often than citing books or articles. Perhaps, you even did not suspect that it is possible to make citations of audio podcasts to refer to in your papers or research. Suppose many students avoided such practice not to be distressed by unusual sources or did not want to explore something new and leave their citation-making comfort zone.

However, you should be ready to handle MLA citation for podcast to widen the horizons of your investigations, involve as many resources as possible to demonstrate topic awareness and huge interest, and boast your expertise in a citation of all potential sources of information.

What Is an MLA Podcast Citation?

To dive into the world of podcast MLA citation, we should closely examine what these terms mean and require.

The podcast is an audio episode or series of spoken words or phrases as a rule on a certain topic that is distributed to the computers or subscribed users using an RSS feed (files in HTML format). Podcasts are often used in language learning, especially in listening & comprehension assignments or pronunciation improvement. However, interviews, storytelling, or audio diaries are also considered podcasts and may be cited as well.

It does not require skills to cite previously heard text in everyday speech since you have to recite it to your opponents delivering the main idea and indicating the speaker or author. However, if you are going to use it in your writing, you have to know how to cite a podcast MLA. Modern Language Association (MLA) format mainly cites art, culture, and humanity discipline sources in different writings. Remember, whatever source you are going to cite, you have to stick to the latest edition. In the case of MLA, it is the 9th MLA edition that is actual today.

If you feel unconfident concerning the correctness of provided citation, you may apply an online generator available on EssayWriter to get a citation of any format and source according to the latest academic requirements.

Important Rules on Citing a Podcast in MLA Style

So, if you have made up your mind or urgently need to cite a podcast in MLA style, there are some basic rules you need to know to make it perfect. If your source of information is a podcast and you want to back your writing by providing direct access to the online source, you are to provide such data:

  • The name of the creator. You must provide a host’s last name and first name (e.g., Smith, Billy, host.) Note that if needed, you may indicate other participants’ contributions to the podcast (narrator, guest, producer). In such a case, you must add a corresponding podcast role after the last name and first name ( e.g., Smith, Billy, narrator). If there is no name of the creator, you have to use the name of the podcast in the first place.
  • Podcast title. The title of the podcast must be in quotation marks.
  • Podcast name. Remember to capitalize it in italics.
  • Season and episode number. This section is optional since not all podcasts have a certain number of episodes. It may be a single interview or narration.
  • Publisher.
  • Date. Provide it in a definite order and form (day, month, year).
  • URL. Paste a URL address of the online podcast last.

If you provide citations not from an online source but from an app, you should list the app and any other accessible information as the version. (e.g., Gladwell, Malcolm, narrator. “The Lady Vanishes.” Revisionist History, iTunes app, 16 June 2016.)

MLA In-Text Citation Podcast

If you want or need MLA citations for podcast to provide in-text, enrich your paper with live phrases, or support your opinion, you should be aware of the basic rules for an in-text citation. So, start with a quotation and add the author’s last name in parentheses afterward. Do not provide too much text in your quote — just key phrases to back your idea. The reader who wants to know more issues will easily find the source in the bibliography referring to the authors’ last names provided in your in-text podcast citation. If there is no podcast author, you should give the title instead.

Note that if you want or need to underline important phrases or intonation, you may add to the author’s name a particular time for the reader to ensure in your words.

MLA Citation Podcast Episode

Suppose there is a series of podcasts, and you want to cite one of them as a definite episode from a long record. In that case, you should be precise and provide detailed information for your reader to find easily rather than listening to the series. So, the basic rules of such citations are the same, but you should provide the season (if there are several) and the number of the cited episodes. For instance:

Gladwell, Malcolm, narrator. “The Lady Vanishes.” Revisionist History, season 1, episode 1, Slate Group, 2016,

If a cited episode is a part of a larger website, you should also notice it in the second container.

MLA Podcast Citation Examples

You may try podcast citation writing in MLA format to get some new skills and experience or save time using our automatic machine that generates a required citation for free. First, however, we are going to provide several samples for you to have a general image of proper MLA podcast citations:

  • Podcast citation with author name:

Vogt, P. J., and Alex Goldman, hosts. “On the Inside.” Reply All, episode 64, Gimlet, 12 May 2016,

  • Podcast citation without the author’s name:

“Best of Not My Job Musicians.” Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! from NPR, 4 June 2016,

  • Podcast citation of podcast series that is still ongoing (note that after the date slot, we put a year and a dash that means that indicates the continuing status of the series):

Adumbrad, Jad, host. Radiolab. WNYC, 2002– ,

  • Podcast with specified in-text citation time to underline the importance of the words:

“…” (Vogt and Goldman 11:34)

Podcast MLA Citation Generator

If you lack confidence in your citation skills or do not know the latest MLA citing requirements, you should not waste time surfing for a clear explanation. The best solution to your problems is to apply our MLA podcast citation generator that you may find on EssayWriter. Do not be afraid to deliver your task to the machine since it does it professionally. Your task is to provide data and get a generated result.

So, visiting the site, you will be surprised by the comprehensive navigation and user-friendly interface. Choose a source of citation and required format, fill in all the boxes with data like author’s name, podcast date, and title, provide URL, and generate MLA citation for podcast of excellent quality and proper formatting in several clicks. Do not be afraid of gaining new skills and deliver us a part of your assignment.

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