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The American Civil War

Historical Students have since quite a while ago talked about the causes behind the disappointment of the Confederacy to accomplish triumph in the American Civil War….

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Subject: Literature
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Ovid’s book VII and VIII

Rationality and love may not exist in the same space In book VII, Ovid tells the story of Jason and Medea – a love story. One…

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Subject: History
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How did the First Great Awakening affect the colonies

The First Great Awakening was the revitalization and evangelical movement that spread through the American colonies, particularly from the 1730s to the 1770s. The movement permanently…

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Subject: History
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Aboriginal people relationship with the land

The British white settlers’ invasion in 1788 had a very huge impact on the Australian aboriginal’s way of life. It is certain the colonial rule had…

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Subject: Literature
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The rape of Callisto by Jove with the rape of…

Ovid’s Metamorphoses never shy away from talking about societal evils such as rape in the mythical narratives. The story of Callisto’s rape by Jove and Philomela’s…

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Subject: History
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Egyptian culture research

Heritage of Egyptian culture Egyptian culture is an ancient one that is connected with the Pyramids and the pharaohs in the common conscience. Egypt is located…

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