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Subject: Media
Pages: 17
Words: 4270
Rating: 4,8

Impact of social media on the auditing procedure

Introduction Corporate governance and social media are essentially trends that have recently been met and any entity involved are only at the starting point of a…

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Subject: Art
Pages: 14
Words: 3625
Rating: 4,9

How the conditions of production of digital cinematographers have influenced…

Introduction The cinematography is defined as the science of motion-picture photography that is done through the recording of light or any other electromagnetic radiation. Such a…

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Subject: Sociology
Pages: 14
Words: 3661
Rating: 5,0

How do theories help us understand and change ‘the city’?

Abstract The present study is interested in exploring the role and significance of theories in understanding and description of social and physical phenomena existing all around…

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Subject: Technology
Pages: 12
Words: 3040
Rating: 5,0

Computer’s history and impact

Computers and election Computers play important role in the modern life, they are used for multiple purposes and help people to process digital data, along with…

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Subject: Business
Pages: 6
Words: 1652
Rating: 5,0

Global trade strategy for Trafigura Beheer BV

My choice of Trafigura As one of the leading independent logistic houses and commodity trading, Trafigura Beheer BV Company continues to promote trade across the world….

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Subject: Political
Pages: 5
Words: 1356
Rating: 4,4

Ethical issue: NSA surveillance

The NSA Data Gathering is the issue that creates both numerous possibilities for the safety protection and various implications in civil and legislative fields. Particularly, the…

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Subject: Technology
Pages: 4
Words: 1112
Rating: 4,7
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Essay on cyber ethics

Cyber ethics entails the study of the rules that govern the use of the internet. The internet makes the world seem like a global relationship or…

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